Dialysis Update

Thursday —

Welcome to another update. With one treatment left for the week to get done before my dialysis weekend begins, I am here today saying that treatment went smoothly. The machine gave me some heck for moving my arm a little bit too much, but otherwise, the treatment went well. Because I didn’t get hooked up to the machine until 9:15 AM, I didn’t get out until 12:50 PM. I dislike being rude about the technicians because they do their best, but I admit that the technician is a little slower. She does do a great job, though. After getting out for the day, I introduced J (male) to DKF as we walked and talked to the vehicle. J just started this job because M (female) does not work for the dialysis unit anymore. Workers move on.

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By ksmiley

I have a condition called cerebral palsy. I've been writing in a diary since I was 12 years old. That was when I got my first diary.

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