In My Own World Apart From the Real World?

Please forgive me for not writing for a while once again. For the past several days, I have been dealing with some fears. I believe Satan has been working on my upbeat, perky, and childlike spirit, and he (Lucifer) had done a great job planting what fears I have had. I also believe God knows and understands what I am terrified of right now. Satan’s ways can go away this minute and leave me alone.

Now, if I told anyone else what my fears are, I believe I would be redeemed crazy. What I am afraid of makes me wonder if I am going through a mid-life crisis? Oh my, I hope not! I am half awake and asleep, seeing people I know are right there when the reality is not there. Is it the trick of the eye? Am I dreaming? If it’s a dream state, I hope it is. If it is a trick of the eye, I have to wait until February 2, 2022, to get my eyes checked/examined. I have to wait eight months to get my eyes checked with Dr. K, specializing in my type of eye(s). I had cataracts due to Prednisone, had them removed, and had artificial lenses put in. I also have cerebral palsy and work with one eye at a time instead of both.

What are my fears? I won’t say what they are. They are between my Lord and me.

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