Thought Process War Time

I am having my thought process wars this weekend. I am glad that my boyfriend and his Mom over today to get my mind into worship, lunch, and the Disney movie titled Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe before they left to run errands for their Sunday afternoon time together. It was a great day.

After TB and KB left, my thought process shot to the memory of DKF, leaving me along with her dissolving the six-year relationship/friendship. I haven’t cried about it at any time. I believe that anger had crept for a few minutes before my emotions settled down again. Should I be angry? No. My thought process earlier was a test to see how I would react. Yes, anger crept in for few minutes, but I did not follow through by texting or calling to cause DKF any grief. I am happy DKF is going her own way without me; I’m going my way without her. What is surrounding her is not surrounding me, also and visa versa. I am happy for her. How DKF handled the spat we had would not have been the way I would have handled it personally. She had to do what she had to do for herself.

I rarely watch Spectrum TV like I used to, but it’s once in a while when I do. I’ve watched Murder, She Baked, and now watching Murder 101 before watching Hannah Swenson Mystery (Murder, She Baked) movie. Tonight, while I am relaxing without gaming – done with it for the rest of the night – I’m satisfied with watching HMM tonight.
I will enjoy my evening in quiet solitude without having a lot of communication with anyone on messenger or text.
I am not in the chatting mood tonight.

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