A Title that Can Not Be Found Tonight – Oh Well…

Today was an incredible day of watching Murder; she Wrote on Peacock TV that happens to be on my Roku system—yep, been watching two seasons of a show that has been in syndication since the early 1990s.  I like Angela Lansbury very much.  Enough said for now about Murder, She Wrote.

I have decided, after spending a few hours in the living room watching Peacock TV, I have been in my bedroom in bed for the past hour doing my best at journaling, a little tired, and thinking about my day.  There is no company, not playing games, and Magic kitty is sleeping on his cat tree in the perfect, quiet bedroom.  My Sunday is always the laziest day with no company – my Sundays to myself after a good week, three days of dialysis, care from my caregiver MK, and a rare conversation with a good friend or family member.  I am having thoughts come and go from my mind, and I don’t think I will rest well until I write about it.  Here I go.  Thank goodness I have time despite what tiredness makes me feel like I need to stop watching more Murder, She Wrote, until I fall asleep.  I smile with happiness on my tired face.  Okay, here I go.

Another day has come and is going away in a few hours.  I have been thinking a lot about my future and realized that moving would be very good.  My time at Burbank Plaza Apartments is going to be done – my Christian walk with Jesus will continue elsewhere.  Most of the tenants will not miss me, nor will I miss them.  There will be a couple of people I will miss, though.  KR and CD, and a couple of other people – bless their hearts!!

I have been enjoying Bible scripture and reading devotions for myself.  The words in the Bible are seen and read with understanding, patience, and passion.  I love Jesus very much.  I have gotten this far in life with Jesus’ guidance whenever possible.  I can be selfish at times and go my own way, but I learned that going my method is not a good thing.  Having time with Jesus is a perfect thing.  My planet spins better in time with Jesus.  My anxiousness is at rest, and I can breathe better, too.

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