August 30, 2021: A Lot of Thought Tonight Shared

Let me catch you up with my day and some thoughts I have on my mind while it’s still early enough to say what I want before going to bed.  I have made this weekend a CSI: Miami marathon.  Remember that this is my dialysis weekend, and I return to the clinic tomorrow – Tuesday.  I have had my bath, gotten dressed for the day, and Mariah swept and mopped the floors, did my weekend dishes, helped me with Magic, we had breakfast together, and Mariah washed and dried my laundry for the week.  I had an accident on the kitchen floor yesterday, so Mariah was getting my floors cleaned from what I couldn’t clean myself.  Mariah left at 10 AM, and my friend ATD went to get lunch from Citrus Café and brought it over to have lunch with me.  I had a cheeseburger and fries with the meat medium-rare.  I ate half of my burger before being full.  Works for me!

Like I said before, I was watching CSI: Miami all weekend long.  When Mariah is here, we watch Murdoch Mysteries together before she leaves for the day.  Talk about marathons, LOL.  I enjoy my weekend marathon of shows. I’ve also been reading the Chronicles of Narnia series during commercials when watching my shows BECAUSE I CANNOT PUT THE READER DOWN.  Another, LOL!  Oh well, right?  I guess so.  I smile at the thought.  I have always loved to read – even in school.  Reading is fun while I escape from the real world for a little bit.

Grammarly For Microsoft Word

For the past few days, I have been using Grammarly for Microsoft Word.  I haven’t used Grammarly any other way since.  I love it.  Using the program on my laptop has had a nice break.  It saves time with the add-on in Word, also. It’s free, and I write my journal on Word or Pages, and that depends on where I am – home or at the dialysis clinic for treatment.  Pages on my phone and iPad, and laptop, but not Word.  Word is not on my phone or iPad.


I had worship with KB and TB at 5 PM this evening.  We read Tuesday’s lesson tonight.  We talked for a few more minutes before signing off and saying good night for the night.

The Rest of the Evening/Night Before Bed –

Then I finished watching CSI: Miami for the night and grabbing my medications for the evening, taking them, running to the bathroom to freshen up, and then come into my room for the night.

One Last Thought of the Day –

I believe I have gotten my update all settled.  It was a busy day, and tomorrow is going to come before we know it.  The bedSometim is looming closer now, but I have one thought left to mention before going off to dreamland.  Ever since my IRIentioned she saw DKF at the Aqua Jays, I have been dealing with the memory of her leaving and ending the friendship.  Memories have been coming and going. It’s not driving me bonkers or anything like it, but the worms and cherries are mingling together right now.  The idea of DKF ending our six-year friendship hurt me the most, and then it took me three to four weeks to find someone to help with my personal cares and housework.  I hate the feeling and emotional upheaval these days.

I know who my true friends are, and DKF wasn’t/isn’t a true friend anymore.  With that said, part of my reason to move is because of DKF.  I do not want to be fifteen minutes away from her now.   The memories need to be put in a drawer now.  Leaving here will help.  And no, I am not running away from what happened here; I want a new lease on life without her being so close to me.  I want her health to be better, her marriage to continue to be excellent for her and SF, and I want her to be happy with her job.  I do not care who is friendly with her or not, nor do I care if my IRIS consultant speaks to her when she sees her.  I will still pray for DKF and her husband.  They are no longer in my life because DKF chose it to see even though I would have handled it differently than she did.  I would not have been mean about it.  I have taken responsibility for what happened.  I feel that DKF turned out to be a true friend wanna-be than really being one by showing so much anger and not accepting an apology from me at all – the behavior of a Christian would be different than the behavior she left that day by yelling at me and not willing to receive an apology and not to want to believe I was apologizing.  That hurt me, too, you know. KB’s Mom said that DKF was not a true friend after all if she didn’t want to hear an apology.  The truth can hurt sometimes, but this truth didn’t hurt me because TB was telling the truth.

Good Night From Wisconsin –

It is time for me to close up shop for the night.  As I do so, it’s time for me to say good night and God bless.  A new week has begun, and I need to get some decent rest before 6 AM comes.  Tomorrow is dialysis day, and the new dialysis week has started, and my weekend is now over this fine, warm, and pleasant evening after 7:30 PM. It’s time for some reading before be, and escape the real world for a bit.  I am a little tired, not sleepy yet.  Good night my friends and readers.  It has been a beautiful day.  God bless!

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