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I do not have MK coming until Tuesday morning because tomorrow is Labor Day, observed by many workers; I have to admit that my weekend is yet not over yet.  I feel my weekend has been semi-busy and very busy at the same time.  I take advantage of my Sundays to relax, nap off and on and do my best at getting things done.  I have to admit that I procrastinate a lot on Sundays, LOL, and a lot of napping.  Sunday is my day of rest from things I deal with Monday through Saturday, even though I rest in Jesus on Saturday Sabbath.

Thoughts About the Sabbath

Even though Sabbath is over for a week now, I am still thinking about the Sabbath at this very moment.  I am not ashamed of being a Sabbath keeper or an Adventist.  I am delighted to be an Adventist and Sabbath keeper today.  I am not here to cram my beliefs and religion down anyone’s throat; I am here to share my beliefs and faith with others to this day to show my love for Jesus and why he loves me, the creation of the earth, Adam and Eve, and what Adventism is all about.  People needn’t be afraid of the advent of Christ nor the history of Adventism.  We are not Jehovah’s Witnesses.  I have studied Jehovah’s Witness’ material to understand them and that Adventism doesn’t derive from the religion.  Adventism derives from the Protestant church so long again, and we have several people who have found the SDA church through the Bible scriptures and verses.  Exodus 20:8-11 always comes to mind about God’s given day of rest in my mind and heart despite my struggles during the week and Sabbath day often enough.  Thank you for understanding me to this day, Jesus.  I do love and appreciate all you have done for me to this very day of my life.  Amen.

As my night closes, it’s time for me to say adios and good night.  I have had something to eat for supper, watched a couple of Murder, She Wrote episodes, and now I am saying good night, so I can get some sleep for tomorrow’s busy day of dining out and grocery shopping with AD as well as seeing JM in the afternoon for a few minutes.  Good night friends and readers of Dear Diary.  Another day closes with another good day spent.

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