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Dialysis Update –

Dialysis went smoother than Saturday, but the catheter was running at a slower speed again for a while.  I got through treatment fine.  God is being allowed to control my destiny at this point.  The techs and nurses know what they are doing, so I will leave it up to them.  I am just a little frustrated about the catheter being touchy the second time in a row.  God knows my feelings about it.  I am hanging in there.  I can do this.

Moving –

I am moving from Burbank Plaza to Garden Court downtown in my city in Wisconsin.  I am a little overwhelmed, but I am getting the information needed for the move to be smooth and effective.  The required information began over the summer in August and September.  A lot of work.  I think, now, I got everything done to the satisfaction of management at Garden Court now AFTER emails of questions that needed answers without confusion from both sides—especially me.  I’ve confused GC management more than once myself, also.

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