Dialysis and Move Update

Dialysis Update

I will not argue how my day went today at dialysis.  It was a perfect day.  My catheter worked 100% without any hang-ups whatsoever.  The tech did not have to reverse the lines—red/red and blue/blue and not red/blue and blue/red.  It was an incredible day for dialysis.  Remember when I had to have Cathflo put in on Saturday and Tuesday?  It may have (the Cathflo) been the reason as the liquid takes whatever blockages are in the catheter and dissolves them.  Also, the nurses and techs know how to handle every patient according to the patient’s needs, and today, I allowed God to control the treatment without me feeling like I was going to panic.   Sometimes allowing God to take control can be a considerable challenge, especially when I am having a rough morning, already panicking, or not feeling good.  When life has a curb ball, it becomes a snowball that gets bigger and bigger, and I have to dodge it, and sometimes I get walloped and land on my behind even harder and beat myself up after I am done freaking out.  Yeah, I know I am running off on a tangent again.  Anyway, the catheter worked great today.

Moving Update

Since yesterday afternoon, I have not heard from Garden Court with any more need to correct or add/delete anything to the questions that needed answers. That’s a plus.  Remember that I am doing everything without help except packing and moving; I get help from friends and my caregiver MK.

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