The 28 Fundamentals Beliefs

Here are the 28 Fundamental Beliefs the Seventh-day Adventists teach as they go about the world to share God’s words and claim Jesus is our redeemer and hope in heaven.

The 28 Fundamental Beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church

  1.  The Bible                                            17.  Spiritual gifts and ministry
    1. Old Testament                        18.  The gift of prophecy
    1. New Testament                      19.  The law of God
  2. The Trinity                                           20.  The Sabbath
    1. The Father                              21.  Stewardship
    1. The Son                                   22.  Christian Behavior
    1. Holy Spirit                               23.  Marriage in the family
  3. Father                                                 24.  Christ’s ministry in the heavenly sanctuary
  4. Son                                                      25.  The second coming of Christ
  5. Holy Spirit                                           26.  Death and resurrection
  6. Creation                                              27.  The millennium and the end of sin
  7. Nature of humanity                            28.  The new earth.
  8. The Great Controversy
  9. The life, death, and resurrection of Christ
  10. The experience of Salvation
  11. Growing in Christ
  12. The Church
  13. The remnant and its mission
  14. Unity in the body of Christ
  15. Baptism
  16. The Lord’s Supper

I will be touching on these without cramming my beliefs down the throat of others. It is now Sabbath, and I am taking a few of them to give you an idea of Seventh-day Adventism. You can find this information here.

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