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After finding support from my parents about me moving from Burbank Plaza to Garden Court on October 1, 2021, I have been thinking about how a move can be exciting.  I thought about the positive aspects of moving.  What SGK mentioned about going to a new home can be exciting. I realized that anticipating this move for a while has finally come, and the move is two weeks away.  There is nothing against living here, but I will be among my age bracket more than here; I have two friends there already and one moving in on September 29, 2021.  I will not be in a handicapped assessable apartment again, but my caregiver and friends can help me get what I need from cupboards I cannot reach to have what I need and want where I can get to things.  I want to be with others in my age bracket, more than 62 and older, although I have gotten to know some very good people here.  There have been some changes here, but the building hasn’t changed much in looks through the 23 years I have lived here, whereas Garden Court has changed since I visited the past ten years.  I am also very tired of tenants at Burbank Plaza not abiding by the rules of living here, and I have gotten close to some of the tenants here who abide by the rules as I do.  Those who do not abide by the rules I want to get away from before any problems arise.   Also, the southside of town doesn’t have much anymore because businesses by my street have left or closed, or have moved to another part of town.  Downtown has more civilization than the southside in the city now.

The negative part of moving has been thought of, but I do not want to go there.  I understand that there will be tenants at Garden Court I may not care about in the building and at Burbank Plaza, but I can dissociate myself with people I do not know until I meet others in time.  I have come to stay home on this side of the door and do the same at Garden Court.  I need to remain healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic as well.

The idea of my move has become more exciting since I learned I was approved at the other place Friday.  Telling my parents in Arkansas about the move, although I waited out of fear more in telling them, I realized how long I’ve wanted to be at Garden Court for the past few months of 2021.  I’ve talked to DKF about wanting to move there before even filling out an application in May, thanks to my friend JS who already lives there, bringing me an application to fill out with DKF’s help and taking it to Garden Court.  Moving now has become a great joy.  MK has been packing boxes for the past two weeks to smooth the move from here to there.  I need not doubt MK’s ability to fill and get things done for the move, so when the day comes, it will go smoothly.  She has packed and moved her mother-in-law from a house more stuff than my apartment size in one week.  Her mother-in-law had more things than I do.  I am excited.

Good night and God bless.

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