Dialysis Update

I am sitting here at dialysis this morning, thankful for a treatment.  Dialysis is only a few days before I move to my new apartment, so here I am, allowing God to handle things right now.  I know I repeated myself.  My catheter can be touchy at times, but today’s treatment was satisfactory.  I saw Dr. A, my nephrologist, today for our Tuesday meeting at the clinic this morning, and he’s proud to see what’s happening.  He mentioned getting the vaccine again, and I am still feeling frightened of getting the vaccine.  I have four people who will not get the vaccine at all.  I do not trust it.  I understand that patients Dr. A knew have died from Covid-19, and he cares about me very much.  Dr. A has a professional passion for his patients, and I think he is fantastic, and I believe that he will stop talking about it for a while now.  I have my move happy on October 1, 2021—practically a week away now.

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