Calmer & Happier

I have thought about what is happening to me since I have moved from Burbank Plaza to Garden Court.  My mood is better.  I am calmer, not anxious and overwhelmed anymore, and I want to tell you more – here it goes, okay?


A Little Catch-Up

As I sit here (in my bedroom this Sabbath evening), I find myself calm.  I remember the move was only three weeks ago!  Time has gone by quickly, yet as it should.  One day I had awakened at 6:24 AM and had to call MK to see where she was and she, also overslept.  That incident was looked at and laughed about because both of us ladies overslept for the first time on the same morning. I always call her to let her know she is still not here if she was more than a few minutes. We oversleep once in a while and know that she will make it up later in the week or on a Sunday from this day forward. I do not feel uncomfortable about her running late. We communicate well.  I didn’t feel anxious or overwhelmed that morning.  The other day I had messed in my underwear.  I was already up and walking to the bathroom, telling MK that I needed to change. She walked behind me to the bathroom, got my messed underwear and pants, cleaned me up a bit, got a pair of disposable undies, cleaned the toilet, and washed my dirty pants and undies, and I was on my way once again doing what I always do.  I did not feel embarrassed or anxious.  Going with the flow of things has been happening.  Where did my anxiety go?  I think it has leveled off.  Hmmm?  I will continue.


Curtains and Rod in the Living Room

I was doing my best at getting the blinds to do my bidding (by bringing them down a bit, so the glare didn’t seem so bad), the string knocked the rod out of its resting place on the right side, and the line was caught on the end of the rod.  Yep, it was my doing and not a Magic kitty doing.  I just looked at the situation with a feeling that was like, “Did I do that?” and allowed the curtain to continue to fall behind Magic’s medium cat tree and texted MK about it.  No anxiousness.  So, where did my anxiety go?  Hmmm?  Easy peasy.  God has a hand in my calmness, and I will give Him credit for helping me with my moods and happiness.

A Visit With Dad

While my sister and her mom were having mother and daughter bonding on a trip, my dad came to visit with me for a little while yesterday afternoon when I got home from dialysis at 1 PM.  While at Burbank Plaza, I was more nervous and anxious about my AR parents visiting because the place was not as clean as it should have been.  I didn’t have the want to clean and here within two weeks of unpacking boxes, I have to say my new place leaves me happy as if I have come home to stay.  My visit with my dad was fantastic.  I wasn’t nervous or anxious.  My dad is helping my sister with some work around her home, and he took time to see me for a while even though the hour or so visit didn’t seem long enough.  He saw my new place, looked about, and thought the place was very nice.

I got a text from him a while ago to tell me he forgot to text me to say to me he got back to my sister’s a few minutes before 4 PM,  got Toots the dog (my sister’s rescue), and said that my place is nice, and to keep it clean and nice and that I have made a good decision in moving.  I responded to Dad, thanking him and saying that I would keep my place neat, whereas, at Burbank Plaza, I didn’t want to keep it up.  I believe I was dealing with depression, anxiety, and feeling overwhelmed.  I haven’t visited the neighbors there for almost three years or get together with anyone since Covid.  I would say hello in passing from time to time, but that was about it, and CD would come down and help me with Magic kitty on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoons while I was packing for my move to Garden Court.

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