Where Has Time Gone To?

I am here today wondering where the 2021 is heading to.  I turned 51 this summer on July 3rd.  Just days before my birthday, the fear of not reaching my 51st birthday crept into my mind so quickly that my world was at a standstill.  I had lost the best caregiver in July as well as well as a friendship that was only six years old.  I had made my plans to move top priority by September 1st that getting away from Burbank Plaza was a priority with certain memories left behind and at Garden Court.  Now, I have the best caregiver, I am only a minute or two away from the dialysis clinic, and we are in the last month of the year of 2021.  Where did August to November go?  I found the gumption to move from one place to another.  The past several weeks, living at Garden Court has been awesome.  I am friends with two tenants who live here, and I am not seeking friends.  I enjoy my solitary life, not exactly alone due to the fact that I come and go on a regular (every other day) to dialysis or on an occasional outing.  I get my nails professionally done again at Grand Nails & Spa once a month.  I wear my mask faithfully while out in public.  I feel I have to have some normalcy, and if wearing a mask out in public is the new norm, so be it!

For a Monday, it is one lazy day.  It has been semi-quiet.  Magic has been napping in the bedroom while I have been out in the living room watcfhing a marathon of shows for something to do in order to relieve my mind from the real world.  I just got over a bug that caused diarrhea, please forgive me for being direct, the past several days.  My bottom is kind of sore, but I believe I have found a remedy—probiotics.  Why?  The idea of C diff scares me because a former teacher from Milton Middle School succumbed to C diff about four years ago,  RIP Mr. D.  Mr. D was my health teacher when I was a student at Milton Middle School (MMS).  A new week jas begun, and I am back to dialysis tomorrow morning,

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