Dialysis Update: December 28, 2021

With Tuesday/Today, and Thursday on my mind, I am looking forward to my Thursday afternoon to Sunday morning break.  I will attend church on Saturday with my friend JM because the dialysis clinic will be closed on Jan 1, 2022.  As of Jan 5, 2022, my treatments will continue on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

I am looking forward to the holidays being over.  With Christmas done for 2021, I can concentrate on my health without significant problems.  The holidays seemed different this year because I am happier, but my mood has been up and down due to the holiday throwing my treatment dates off slightly.

Anyway, I am not to mention how the treatment went today.  What are a few more words?  I get it.  I am multi-thinking—I think.  Okay, dialysis went smoothly in reverse today.  The machine stopped dialysis a couple of times because I moved wrong and got tangled in the lines, and one time, the machine was out of solution at the bottom of the device.  I got out and used a wheelchair for my friend’s vehicle.  I have been concerned about that lately because my BP runs low now.  It is very frustrating. 

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