Saturdays are Never Boring

Welcome to another day.  I have done my wanted daily devotional at, and I am going to work on a project regarding the image of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream that the prophet David interpreted through God.  Also, I love watching tv shows on Netflix, Hulu, Discovery+, Disney+, Discovery+, and other streaming channels.  I have no idea why I have decided to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer when it portrays evil and having darkness in stories like this.  It doesn’t do any good for a Christian.  I need to find something better to watch—even in streaks.  I have watched Crikey!:  It’s the Erwin’s.  

         Today is like every Sunday to me.  Relaxing, watching marathon shows.  Why did I choose Buffy the Vampire Slayer of all the good and better shows?  I have been thinking about watching The Crown on Hulu again.  Maybe I will start tomorrow.  Set Buffy the Vampire Slayer aside for now.  

         I have a plan on making my ottoman look nice again.  Tomorrow it will be my task—putting things in ottoman, which is a needed and necessary project.  I need more room to stretch out my legs when sleeping.  Yes, I have been resting in my favorite chair this month.  Also, I have to clean off the end table to make it look good again.  Ever since I  moved to GC, I vowed to keep my place nice, so I have a lovely home to visit when company comes.  My parents in AR want to see a lived-in home with minimum clutter.  It’s time to be serious about working on being independent once again.

         Did I say it’s time to be serious about working on being independent again?   Yes, I did.  Why?  I am no longer feeling isolated.  BP is on the south side of town, and when GM left, Pick N Save left.  When we were hit with the Co pandemic, the city’s south side seemed like the making of a ghost town.  GC is on downtown Main Street, and there are shops, restaurants, and banks.  GC is next to a bank.  Now that I do not feel isolated, I am road to being more independent.  When the weather becomes nicer after this winter season, I will go for walks to explore the downtown area of my home.  Also, this week MK was not here because she had Covid.  I defended myself while my friend JM came to help outside her regular days and hours after work.  It wasn’t easy, but the tasks were done willingly and had to be done no matter what was accomplished.  It felt good getting things done for Magic and me, and I will do it again.  I just do not want it to be anytime soon.  Anyway, MK is coming back to work at 7 AM tomorrow.

         Time for me to say adios.  Good night.

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