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The evening has arrived. Sundown started at 5:49 PM in Wisconsin. I am watching Crikey:  It’s the Irwins. Regular television has halted until sundown at 5:50 PM tomorrow. I struggle at times on the Sabbath because I am the only Seventh-day Adventist in my immediate family of Catholics and Baptists. Adventists have church Saturday mornings. I am a member of a church that does not have many members. I do not attend church Saturday morning because I have dialysis treatment during that time, and my boyfriend KB and his mom, and my friend JM come over after church or work to have worship with me. We talk about the quarterly.

The church I am a member of doesn’t have many members or visitors. When attending church, there is Sabbath school. A church that worships on Sunday call it Sunday School. Every once in a while, because I used to go to church on Sunday as a Baptist, I will say Sunday school instead of Sabbath school. After Sabbath school, which lasts an hour with members discussing and reviewing a quarterly with 13 lessons to read and answer questions as a group. Each lesson is a weekly reading, so it will not take a lot of your time when studying the lesson. The quarterly can be read each day starting Saturday afternoon to Friday. For the past two to three weeks, my boyfriend’s mom has been working late, and we usually go through the lesson each day and over the phone before the next Sabbath. That will change tomorrow afternoon because I will put my Sabbath school quarterly and put it on the table to get to it and study its content each day, Sunday through Friday.

I will not argue with anyone about their beliefs or attend a church on Sunday when I am a Seventh-day Adventist because it is not my nature. Also, you are reading a former catholic and Baptist diary/blog. I have been studying and reading the Bible to understand what has and will happen. I am one of those people who will not have arguments about what the Bible “says because I am not strong in some areas spiritually. My boyfriend and I read from easy reading quarterlies while other adults at church have a different version yet discuss the same theme. A couple of examples is Hebrews and Family.

I need to stop here for now. I would like to say good night, and God bless, and come back tomorrow when I can. Good night and God bless, and I hope everyone has the best weekend possible.  **yawn**.

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