A Good Day

will not argue how my day went today because it was a good day all day long. My caregiver had to leave at 7 AM because she had to take a family member to the hospital for a procedure by 8 AM. My caregiver usually waits with me downstairs when waiting for my ride to dialysis, but today I went downstairs alone and waited for my ride to dialysis. When I got downstairs to wait for my ride, I sat down on my walker until my ride and headed out the door. My ride picked me up at 8:15 AM, and I got to dialysis by 8:30a AM and waited for my name to be called. When my name was called, I walked to the scale to weigh in then went into the clinic to sit and get hooked up to the dialysis machine. 

After being hooked up to the dialysis machine, I read a bit, closed my eyes without falling asleep, got unhooked three hours and fifteen minutes later, walked out of the clinic to the scale to weigh out, and walked to the lobby to wait for my ride home. My ride came about 1 PM, and I got home in two minutes. My friend AD came over to help me make sure I got in my apartment because, after dialysis, I am a little weak. 

I get in with Magic Kitty waiting patiently to welcome me home by jumping onto my walker to get his kisses. Magic loves his kisses. I walked in with a kitty on my walker and sat down in my favorite chair in the corner and front of the living room window. The building was built in unusual shape—not square. My living room and bedroom window facing South Main Street and the Rock River. I love sunshine. AD got my lunch heated in the microwave and ate. I love loaded baked potato, so I had that for lunch today. While I ate, AD and I watched Monk, and my friend JM texted to tell me she was heading over. When JM arrived, the three of us chatted until AD left, then JM went to put medicine in my medicine dispenser Pria. After that, I was done; JM and I talked and enjoyed watching Magic frolic about the apartment, sit on my lap to cuddle, and play with his toys. JM left between 3:30 PM and 4 PM. 

I enjoy studying the Bible with people more than by myself, and my boyfriend KB and his mom, TB, called me to read today’s read and discuss the questions. I am looking to delve into another day of study tomorrow. Also, I have watched and listened to the TV show Monk on Peacock TV all afternoon since I have been. 

It has been a good day. 

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