Dialysis Update: March 15, 17, and 19, 2022

March 15. 2022 

I will not argue how dialysis went today because it went well. The machine had alarmed a couple of times for different reasons. While dialyzing, I read and closed my eyes for a while. For a little bit, my body felt drained, and I wanted to sleep but didn’t because there was a lot of activity to see and watch. I was okay with resting my eyes for a little bit and getting back to reading again. Going to and from dialysis is my escape from home for a bit and welcome home by Magic Kitty at the door when I walk in. I love how he greets me and wants kisses. Going to and from dialysis will also give Magic Kitty a break from me. 

Last Thursday was lab day. The technicians in my care had to wait until today to get my labs drawn because while hooking me up, they got ahead of themselves and forgot what they needed to do. Dr. A and I talked about things, and I told him that I have an appointment at SSM Health with my podiatrist to have him look at a possible cyst on my right foot between the ankle and callous on my right foot April 18. Dr. A assured me that I would find many people who get benign growths. I told him that I had cysts in my breasts and transplanted kidney. I have them today, and they do not bother me. After Dr. A left, I got to do what I wanted to do for three hours and fifteen minutes. 

When dialysis was done, I was unhooked and sent on my way. I weighed and was 90.6 kilograms. They tos=ok 3.5 kilograms of fluid out of my body because I came in at 94.8 kilograms. I found my coming in weight a surprise. After all, I thought I was more than 95 kilograms. After all, I drank more water and soda over the weekend because I was having tummy trouble worrying about my right foot and having to wait until April 18. When I left the clinic, I could walk out and get on the scale to weigh myself, then wait for my ride home. 

March 17, 2022

I do not mind going to dialysis because it gives me a break from the walls of my apartment, which I see day in a day out. After all, I rarely leave my apartment due to the covid pandemic. Also, Magic deserves a break from me now that he is older and enjoying his space. I have no idea what Magic does when I am not home. When I get home from dialysis, Magic is right at the door to greet me and welcome me home, wanting to jump on my walker to give me and want his I missed you mommy kisses. 

Dialysis went well today. I got in early and hooked up before 9:15 AM, and there was no issue with the machine or my catheter. The machine did alarm a couple of times because I moved a certain way, or my arm kinked the lines because of the position of the lines. I read for a little while and noticed that I was getting tired. I decided to rest my eyes for a few minutes, and 30 minutes later, I had realized that I had fallen asleep. Rarely nap at dialysis because of the activity and the machines alarms going off from time to time, but today was the second time I have fallen asleep because I am tired. After my nap, I read for another few minutes. After my rest, dialysis seemed to go faster, and before I knew it, I was being unhooked. After getting unhooked, I weighed out, walked to the lobby, and waited for my ride home. 

March 19, 2022 

I always look forward to my weekends when dialysis is on Saturdays. With it being the day of treatment for the week, I do my best at getting to church on Zoom, but today was a no-go. I decided to sit and be quiet, watching the techs and nurses at work. Because it is the Sabbath, I am limited to what I should be doing on my phone and tablet. The Sabbath is the day for the Lord, and my Sabbaths have yet to be perfected. Anyway, my ride to dialysis came before 8:30 AM and got me there early. After getting there, my tech came and got me and walked with me to the clinic’s room and helped me get settled. I waited for a few minutes, and then the tech got me hooked up to my machine. I then got more comfortable and napped a bit.   Sleep at the clinic does not come easy for me because of the noises and activity of the techs working with twelve patients at once, or it seems that way. The nap I did take this morning is the third nap since I started going to the clinic as of May 7, 2019. ep, three years I have been getting dialyzed. 

Dialysis does go well. It was not as smooth as the previous treatments the past couple of weeks, but dialysis did get better as treatment progressed. The tech taking care of me had a little difficulty getting the arterial line to pull because there was a clot. It took a moment or two to get the blood clot out, administer the saline solution, and get my lines hooked up to the machine. The machine’s alarms a few times during treatment, but I have dialyzed the entire session without any more issues. When treatment was done, I was unhooked, weighed out, and went to the lobby to call my ride. I was done and ready to be picked up. My ride was heading my way, and it was only three minutes to wait, and home I went. 

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