A Good Monday

Hello and good evening in Janesville, Wisconsin. It was a beautiful day at 64 degrees with the sun shining while I sat in my chair working on the projects I set out to do. I read a couple of chapters in a book I read on my kinder reader. I am reading the second book written by Jamie Lee Scott. The first book I read was Angry Betty, and the second book is Bang Switch. I love mysteries. I have my favorite well-known authors like Mary Higgins Clark, James Patterson, John Grisham, and many others. I worked on a couple of writing projects using Office 365 and began writing about my experience as a patient with kidney disease with a synopsis of my kidney failure I learned about in 1987. I am dialyzing for the second time on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. I had watched Spectrum TV all morning until 1 PM when Monk came on. When Monk came on, I decided to watch Monk on Peacock TV. Murder, She Wrote was on from 6 AM to 10 AM, then Diagnosis Murder was on from 10 AM to 1 PM.

When my caregiver comes in the morning Monday through Saturday, she helps with my bathing and getting me dressed for the day. On Monday, she cleans and vacuums my apartment. After that, she and I get a grocery list written, and she goes shopping for me while I stay safe at home. While I wait for MK to return, I play my games on my phone until the free time and 5 to 6 lives run out (depending on what game I am playing), do my daily devotionals (if I remember), and continue watching TV.

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2 thoughts on “A Good Monday”

  1. I really enjoy Monk. He’s a great actor.

    I used to have a similar job to your caregiver. I met a lot of very interesting clients when I worked for that company. 🙂

    1. Outside the caregivers meeting interesting clients, the clients can also meet interesting and exciting caregivers. I give respect to caregivers because they work hard in the field. Whether they come to your home or nursing home caregivers with nursing degrees under their belt — CNA’s, etc… I think they work hard and do not get paid enough. Have a good week and I look forward to reading more of your blog when you write again.

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