April 14, 2022 – Newsletter 8


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Morning – I have been up since 5:45 AM. Why not get to my newsletter for a while. I had some deleting words that needed to be removed because I am using an MS Word template. Do you know how a template shows what it looks like, right? The newsletter template I am using is five pages long. I am using the layout for each blog and my diary. 

Today is dialysis day, so I am waiting patiently for JP to arrive. She comes at 7 AM every dialysis day. More details at Dialysis Updates Saturday’s post. I bet I will be back in chair #4 today. I sat in chair #2 Tuesday. That was a nice change. 

Mid-morning – I have come up with a story idea to write from time to time. It is called Chapters of my Life. I can write chapters of my life to see how that goes. Why not, right? I do want to write a book. 

Sitting here in my dialysis chair, I realized that I had not read for a while—several days, almost two weeks now. I’ve been dealing with changes. I am happy at Garden Court. I am going to read now. 

Afternoon— I have been home for the past three hours and forty-five minutes. My friend JM is back from her trip. JP came over with clothes. 

I am upset as well. I can do my best to explain what happened. Maybe I need to share the texts. Now, I do have to admit that JO probably misunderstood me.

Here are the texts:

Me: Please understand that I helped you yesterday. I will help again but remember my feelings when I ask, or you offer and cancel. I won’t help anyone not talking about you when help isn’t in return. I am going to get tough about it … ok? It’s not you.

JO: It’s fine.

I helped Magic a lot.

I’m a little upset too. I helped quite a lot with Magic. Maybe I

shouldn’t come down today.

If you can’t understand I’m sick then we can’t be friends.

Also I’m not going to live at Garden Court much longer

I’m very upset bye

You selfish

I have kept what she has said the way she said it. I just added periods where they should be – hopefully.

Evening – I am taking time this evening to watch Law & Order: SVU. I am watching the last episode of season 2. As I watch and listen to the show, I am still upset about what happened (what JO said). I am doing my best to do some deep breathing, and tomorrow I will call my counselor’s office to leave her a message about what happened today and what happened Sunday at Wal-Mart. I have been hurt twice this week.

Other than watching and listening to my marathon shows, I have to say that I am doing what my counselor has told me to write in my diary. I have enjoyed working on my newsletter project for the past several days. It will continue.

After dialysis, getting home, I saw my friend KW for the first time since I moved into the building. Even though we are friends, we walk different paths these days. Seeing her for the first time in a very long time and without her husband, it felt a little different. KW’s husband, JW, passed away last year. It took a minute or two to give and get a hug, but that’s okay. She was on the phone taking care of something. Seeing KW after what happened in JO’s texts to me, I found a ray of sunshine peeking through the clouds.

It is getting late, and I have other things to do before it gets too much later. It is not just my diary I want to work on tonight.


I have an appointment on Monday regarding something on my right foot. I am asking for prayer for my appointment. Also, I need prayer for doing what is suitable for my health (eating proper foods). I owe God more of myself. I need to eat kosher foods and eat appropriate meats.

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