April 30, 2022 – My Diary: My Life in Words

A Rainy Day 

It has been raining and how I know is by the vehicles driving by on N Main St in the city of Janesville, Wisconsin. I was told that it is supposed to rain all day, and then when I get home from dialysis, I called my caregiver to let her know I had gotten home, ok. We talked for a few minutes, and she asked me when my friends and boyfriend will be here, and I told her by 3 PM. She then mentioned that we may have a tornado and thunderstorms. TB and KB got here between 2:30 and 2:45 PM, and I told her what JP said, and she looked at the weather and said we have a tornado watch in the area. I live in Rock County, and the tornado watch was for the area. 

I do not mind rainy days, but when my muscles ache, I have mixed feelings. Today, like every day, I have something aching, and it depends on how bad the ache is. When the ache is a nagging one, I feel uncomfortable, and sometimes I deal with pain that makes me want to cry. 

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