Dialysis Updates 

For April 26, 28, and 30, 2022 

April 26 – I got to the clinic by 8:30 AM and hooked up by 8:50 AM. I ended up being 4.2 kilograms over my dry weight this morning, so the technician and I negotiated and agreed to take 3.4 kilograms of fluid and toxic wastes from my body and believe that dialysis has wiped me out a little bit. Before getting hooked up, the catheter was having difficulty pulling blood from the lines, but after a power flush with saline solution, the catheter did remove enough not to have Cathflo added before treatment. I get Cathflo after each treatment for routine maintenance. I think my catheter has issues on Tuesdays because, after Saturday treatment, I have Sunday and Monday off from treatment until Tuesday morning. I was only guessing because my catheter has been having issues every Tuesday for a while now. Also, the machine’s speed had to be slower because the pull from the lines was not easy, but the speed at 250 or higher still cleans the blood. Because they took 3.4 kilograms of fluid and waste from my body, I am staying close to home e because I have some discomfort, cramping, and aches and pains tonight. I was done and off the floor by noon and was wheeled out to the lobby to wait for my ride home leaving between 92 and 93 kilograms as my first treatment of the week. I get home shortly after 12:30 PM, feeling a little wiped out. 

April 28 – Dialysis treatment went smoothly today. The lines ran straight without a hitch. The alarm went off more than once because I shifted right, or my blood pressure was reading low or high. Fifteen to ten minutes away from the treatment being done for the day, I got dizzy. The technicians gave me some saline solution fluid, and my dizziness waned slowly. For a while, I thought that I was going to pass out. 

April 30 – Dialysis went smoothly. The alarm went off only once because I moved just right, but treatment went according to schedule and time; even a little early – by 9 AM. It was my ride to and from dialysis I was more worried about and will share about that later. I have been sitting in chair two all week (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday). I was to relax without any worries at the clinic. I was out of there, minus the fact that it took me several tries to get a hold of the company that was picking me up to take me home, but I did get a hold of them, and home between 12:30 and 12:45 PM. I am looking forward to my dialysis weekend. 

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