Some More Thought and A Fun Day

I cannot believe that June has arrived already. Although it is already six days into the new month, I am doing everything I can to get back on track with writing in my diary (or journal). Yes, I had an emotional week last week, but my new week began yesterday, Sunday morning at 6:30 AM. I was able to sleep in, but I am usually up between 5 and 7 AM each day no matter what day it is. Anyway, I spent the day reading, watching Columbo movies on the Roku channel, and waking up this morning at 5:45 AM. I am repeating myself—oh well—my diary, right? 

Recapping A Little Bit 

Saturday afternoon my boyfriend’s mom brought a book over from the church. I took the time to read it that afternoon and finished reading it Sunday morning. I read it aloud as Magic rested on the couch. I could not put the book down because it was that good of a read. I loved it. A gal wrote it who I got to meet at my church a few years ago. Her name is Jennifer Jill Schwizer. She is an Adventist, and she can sing and is a part of 3ABN. Reading her story about how she found her way in Milwaukee reminds me of myself finding my way in Janesville (Wisconsin). Remembering my emotional week last week, I need to admit that I did not ask for God’s help. I feel I do not pray good enough verbally, and I must also admit that I do not do so like I should. I need to do better. JJS has reminded me I have work to do to this day. I cannot give up. She did not give up herself. Now, I need to find myself in Janesville, Wisconsin, ok? Thanks for understanding. 

1990 vs 2022 

This morning, instead of watching Murder, She Wrote on HMM at 6 AM, I took the time to watch A Killing in a Small Town on YouTube. It is about Candy Morrison killing her friend Peggy Blankenship. Ok, the names were different in this movie. It was about Candy Montgomery and Betty Gore. Based on a true story, I found the miniseries Candy vs A Killing in a Small Town different yet similar if you get what I am trying to bring up. I have been into mysteries and true stories for years now, and when the miniseries came out on Hulu, I wanted to check it out. I was ten years old in 1980 when Candy killed Betty. I may not have been in Texas. At that time, I was living in Milton, Wisconsin with my parents, and in the fourth grade. It has been forty years since Betty was killed. Between the two different programs it has been thirty-two years. It has been forty-two years since 1980. I am going to be fifty-two in July, on the third, and here I am, feeling obsessed about this incident that happened when I was ten years old, and not exposed to shows like Candy and A Killing in a Small Town at that age. If I were afraid of the Incredible Hulk at age eight, A Killing in a Small Town would be scary at age ten. I was into cartoons at that age and today, forty-two years later, those cartoons are memories that will last a lifetime. 

My Life in Words

A Fun Day

I had a fun day this afternoon. I went to get my nails done at Grand Nails & Spa, went to lunch at Hacienda Real, and shopping for shoes at a place called Rogan’s. It was a fun afternoon, and boy, I am glad to be back home. It was a lot of walking, and finding the perfect shoe took a little time. My old pair of shoes have seen better days like two years ago. With my leg brace, a shoe must fit it perfectly, and the women’s sizes were not fitting right or going over the brace like my old shoes. I ended up going to the men’s sizes of shoes, and I found the shoe that I liked, and it happened to be the same brand my old shoes were. I did not care if my new shoes were white, either. From a Women’s size 8 ½ to a men’s 10, I have to say that my new pair of shoes are comfortable. But a men’s shoe? Okay, I get it. I needed a pair of new shoes for a long time.  I would show a picture of my new shoes, but the picture is too big.

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