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May Not Be Perfect, But Learning 

For the longest time now, I have been using a program called Grammarly on my computer. I have been paying $7 for the use of MS Office online as well. For several years, and no, I have not lost count, I have been a diarist at Dear Diary and have seen a lot of changes and a couple of moves along the way. I have also gone from one apartment building to another after living in one place after twenty-three years, not knowing I was ever going to move again. I became unhappy at Burbank Plaza and my apartment there did not feel like home anymore. I am grateful for my friend JS. As I sit here and remember when I moved in to Garden Court—October 1, 2022, I cannot believe that I have been here nine months now. I have run into an emotional period because of other circumstances that have nothing to do with my happiness of living at Garden Court. My emotional period was because of dialysis, and I could not dialyze one Saturday morning because my emotions were problematic. Last week was a tough week getting back on track…hopefully. 

With that all said, I have to say that I am making changes once again. These changes are noticeable yet subtle. I scrapped the newsletter idea on Word and created pages for each topic I talk about. In other words, Garden Court has its own page. Yes, I still share multiple topics and blog, and write in my diary. Having each topic have its own place now makes it easier for me. Yet that is not all I want to share, okay? With MS Office online, there is Editor. I have been using that as well as Grammarly, and I am learning with that as well. I still use Word and Excel on my computer, but mostly use MS Office online now-a-days. My blogs may not be perfect, but I am learning as I continue to do what I love to do while at home. 

Magic Kitty 

I love him very much, but sometimes he gets a little too wild for me, lol. He is two years old and has a lot of energy. When we play with the laser pointer, he knows when I tough the case the pointer is in. My goodness, he is that smart. This weekend and yesterday he wanted to get into the pantry and closet to pull out plastic bags or make a lot of noise. The noise I am talking about is noise that I can hear only. This morning he found a jelly belly on the floor and started batting that around. I was able to get it and it was a root bear flavored one after telling him to stop several times and he did not listen very well. He does not like the word ‘no.’ I let him get away with too much for the first year and a half of his life. Yep, I let him get away with a lot when he was younger. My Magic Kitty has an attitude and does speak his mind. Yep, I have one of those kinds of cats, and I would not trade him for any other kitty. I love him very much. 

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