A Long Day

Another day is ending, and it is around 5 PM on a Wednesday evening. I had an appointment with Dr. H regarding my power chair, had my bath and got dressed for the day. JP came by 9:45 AM so she could be here with me during my telehealth appointment with the doctor, make me lunch, and then head back home. I have been watching Matlock and reading Evidence of Love, relaxing. I was planning to go to DC’s tonight, but the weather has gotten me in a sluggish state of mind and body. The elevated temperature for Wisconsin today is 93 degrees. Tomorrow is going to be only 3 degrees cooler from today. We are indeed having summer weather now. I did want to go to DC’s tonight, but it is hard for me to get around right now. Getting up and out of my favorite, once my corner chair, has been challenging the past couple of days. Yesterday I had more difficulty than I do today, but it is still troublesome. My body is here, but the strength in my upper and lower extremities has been drained as if I were a slow leaky tire. I am better today. My pain yesterday was a ten and today it is between 5 and 10. I do not like sitting if I can help it, but the past two days there have been a lot of sitting. Winter and summer are the toughest seasons to endure. I do not like extreme heat and extreme cold anymore. It is hard to maneuver outside. Still, I do my best on days like yesterday and today. 

JP and I have discussed the time she will be here on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. I am always up and awake by 6 AM each morning no matter what day it is, but JP does not have to be here until 7:30 AM. I am okay with the frame of time as I can relax more before she gets here. I am up by 6 AM every morning as it is, and I take advantage of my free time online, to read, and watch TV. Sometimes I am up and waking up before 6 AM, and those days are longer that way. Last night was a hard night for sleeping and I have been up and down since 2 AM. It has been a long day for me. That is why I am sluggish today and the weather cannot be entirely blamed because I have a fan and air conditioner running. It is hot and muggy outside. 

It is time for me to say good night and close the shop for the day. Good night and I plan to be back tomorrow or Friday. 

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2 thoughts on “A Long Day”

  1. The extreme weather IS draining. Either way. I agree with you.
    It’s sometimes hard to give ourselves permission to have an ‘off’ day where nothing really feels right. Either that or we want to ‘sit this one out’. Part of being human.
    It’s a tough job.

    1. Thanks, Yetzirah. I agree with you entirely. My friend DC understands very well when it comes to my health, aches and pains, and moments in life that is not going smoothly. I appreciate your comment and read your blog when I can.

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