Looking Forward to Something

Now, a having ten minutes before 4 PM, I have had a bath, got dressed for the day and dialysis tomorrow, and my hair washed for the week. I only have my hair washed once a week. As I had my hair washed, the front of my dress around my chest got really wet, but I never changed. Yep, I left the dress on, and it is completely dry now, two and a half hours ago. As far as DH goes, she is a good caregiver as well as JP. I like DH’s attitude. 

 With her here from 10 am to 2:30 PM, she and I got a lot done. She cleaned the kitchen and bathroom floors with a broom and dust, and mop, cleaned the toilet from its hard water stains, the bathroom sink. She also did the dushes, wiped down the living room and bedroom windows from Magic’s nose smudges, and did a load of laundry and put items away in the bathroom closet. Around 1:30 PM we had lunch from Whiskey Ranch Bar and Grill that is a block away from here. She had three cheese BLT and I had meatloaf. The food was delicious. DH left around 2:45 PM after JM got here. I will be seeing her again tonight for a little while. We are going to see a Christian program nearby. It will be fun. Something to do and hopefully enjoy. It is a program with music and skits and DH’s son has a cousin who is going to be a part of the program. DH and TH will be here pick me up later. I’m excited. 

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