Dialysis Treatment Day 1

Gambo dialysis machine

June 28, 2022 – Dialysis Treatment Day 1 of 3 a Week

Dialysis today went smoothly. The technician J (male) did not have a lot of difficulty with the catheter. The blood pulled and pushed enough that getting on the machine was not too difficult. T (male) had helped J by power flushing the catheter and got it going for the next three hours, which was my time being dialyzed. My blood pressure stayed above 100/50 over most of the treatment, but it did go to 96/55. Nurse S (female) put the machine’s temperature down, so my blood pressure had a chance to get back above ake100/50 in the last forty minutes of treatment because I was not being g symptomatic. Time went by, and my eyes started to show signs of dizziness was coming, and my blood pressure was checked and read lower than 96/50. J took the time to readjust the BP cuff on my leg and recheck my BP, and it still read a little low. I was dialyzed to 2.3 kilograms, which was .20 kilograms from how much was being taken out at 2.5 k50ilograms. I asked J to put the machine on minimum. I left at 89.7 kilograms which is .8 kilograms. I have a feeling I am mathematically incorrect. It does not seem right.

There were no doctor rounds today. No, Dr. A, not Dr. S (female). While I was dialyzing, I sat and played a game on my phone and read for a few minutes. I wanted to be quiet so dialysis would go through the three hours of treatment with little to no difficulty today. Also, whoever a patient or staff member complained about me did not make me very happy. While waiting for a technician to call my name, the social worker K (female) came to talk to me about something, and being reminded or told that someone complained did not make me feel comfortable. It made me feel small and embarrassed, and it made me quieter. That was part of the reason I took the time to play a game and read. There is one patient I like, but her attitude sometimes does not please me. I think she is boisterous and loud, and if she does not want her talks being overheard, she needs to lower her voice. That is my opinion. I am still a little pissed about the complaint. I want to know who said anything. So, from now on, until further notice, I will keep to myself.

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