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Hello and good morning. I found sleep between 8 PM and 10 PM last night. I remember waking up a few times wondering what time it was—asking Siri—and time seemed to go by quickly. It was not a stormy night, but tonight I am planning on sleeping in my bedroom for the first time in months. With my dialysis appointment this morning, DH came over to help with my bath and get me dressed for the day because JP is not feeling well, and she does not want to contact me sick. By her text this morning, it does not sound like covid, but it sounds like an upper respiratory infection or a terrible cold. I am glad I have DH for backup or when she is needed, like when JP was on vacation. 

Written In Blood: A True Story of Murder and a Deadly 16-Year-Old Secret that Tore a Family Apart 

After finishing my last book, I have decided to read Written in Blood: A True Story of Murder and a Deadly 16-Year-Old Secret that Tore a Family Apart. I am finding it very difficult to put this book down. I have read several chapters so far. A man named Michael Peterson is what the story is about. His wife, Kathleen, according to Mike, fell down the stairs in their home and is unconscious. When authorities and medical services arrived, the scene said something different—possible murder, not an accident. 

The way the author wrote this book tells the story of all the people involved. The victim and there are two victims as far as I have gotten as well as the possibility that Michael Peterson is the suspect. Authorities believe he is the murderer of his wife, Kathleen Peterson. I will continue reading today while I have time at dialysis and when I get home. Because I have read at least 21 chapters, I will be reading about Kathleen Peterson next. I love how the author has put the story together. 

Magic Kitty 

He has been terrific the past three weeks. He can still be wild, but he seems to be calmer. I am still in the crosshairs of his jumping to get to his cat tree, but that is okay. Sometimes I see a flash of black, and sometimes I do not see him until he is dancing around one of the five poles on the tree. He does not always jump in front of me. He is swift and can jump far because he is a young two-year-old cat. He is not a kitten anymore. I love him very much. 

More Later 

I have to leave for dialysis shortly, so I will return later if I can. 

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