Remember when I said ‘grumpy pants?’ Well, that was a short lived thought thank goodness. Now, although I will not fret or worry anymore, she said hello on Thursday and talked to me today a little bit. Why did I title this ‘she?’ I did because it is a female I am talking about and I do not use someone’s name.  I use initials and I know her first name only. I know starts with a J, though. I also know her name.

Dialysis Update

Anyway, I got on a few minutes before 10 AM. My turn on the machine finally came. Yay.

With time going by, I want to admit that dialysis is going well. It went well all week. As a dialysis patient for the past four and a half years. It will not be5 years until May 7, 2023 at ref clinic, and April 24, 2023 while in the hospital for a few days. Being on the hospital in 2019, I admit that was an experience I will never forget to be honest. The experience is a chapter of my life I may never forget in my right mind—being brutally honest here. It was a scary experience for me. If you saw fire and black round balls hitting the building, thinking it was real and happening, you would be scared. More about my experience later. I will write about it in another entry later. I have time this weekend.

Must Have Been in a Hurry Today

When it comes to a worker with My Choice Wisconsin S, I do admit she always seems to be in a hurry to leave. Today while waiting for my bus to get to dialysis she took me to the doors and left me between the doors and my driver had to come get me. I must admit that I have not liked it lately and honestly, I think she can be lazy, too. To be brutally honest, I think SP is getting lazy, too. Why do I bother with people like that? I usually do not for long, but I have no choice right now. DH is still on medical leave. Patience is a virtue and not earned and something we humans have to learn is hard sometimes.

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