Weekly Dialysis Update

Dialysis this week went well. Today, the tech had an issue with the machine for a moment and called another tech over who got the machine working correctly after pushing a few buttons. As for the week, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday (today), I was able to get in early (before 9 AM) and out early (before and a little… Continue reading Weekly Dialysis Update

Dialysis Update

All seems to be going well. I have this fear that my graft has stopped working, though. The nurse at the clinic check it every time I go in, and it’s still going strong. I’m not too fond of it when my anxiety takes over in moments I have from time to time. It’s maddening… Continue reading Dialysis Update


Dialysis Update – The machine was having an issue for some reason or another. It took twenty minutes to get me hooked up, and my consolation prize was being on for three hours instead of three hours and fifteen minutes. I had weighed 95.5 kilos coming into the clinic and 92.1 kilos as my dry… Continue reading Today

April 20, 2021

Dialysis Update – Wow, I just walked in the lobby, and I heard my name.   I had my temp recorded and went to the clinic without sitting down in the lobby for a few minutes.  Honestly, no one could see me in the camera that quickly.  I just walked into the building. The tech… Continue reading April 20, 2021

Dialysis Update

When my dialysis weekend ended the evening of April 12, I do have to admit that I hoped my week would go well or better than the last two weeks. Today has proven to be good enough to get by, and now I have one more treatment for the week to get through before another… Continue reading Dialysis Update

Dialysis Update

Every Tuesday, we have doctors visit the clinic. Today Dr. A talked with me about my labs from Thursday, and he told me I am doing fine. Dialysis is cleaning my blood nicely. It pays to have a graft or fistula versus a catheter. We also talked about the urine sample I had done for… Continue reading Dialysis Update

A Very Long Day

Dialysis did not go well today. I found out that the graft was not working, so I spent the afternoon from 1 PM to 5 PM at the hospital’s outpatient department having a procedure done to get the graft working again. I had fallen the evening before and spent about two hours at the hospital’s… Continue reading A Very Long Day

Dialysis Update

I will be honest. Dialysis this week was challenging. The pain I have is real, and it slows me down. I am dealing with pain this week. Dialysis isn’t the reason why I have pain… thankfully…. This week is the first week where my pinky finger had fallen asleep during dialysis, and I find it… Continue reading Dialysis Update

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