What Do I Need to Do?

When I say my planet is spinning, it is usually my mind going around and around specific subjects I have been thinking of lately. Sometimes it scares me while it prods me to continue to move further. There is one matter that comes to mind often is having a second kidney transplant. I do not… Continue reading What Do I Need to Do?

I Am Doing MY Best

Another day has come, and now it’s time to write in my journal about my day. I had awakened at 5 AM to the sound of my neighbor above me. He seems to be my alarm clock before 6 AM. I wanted to sleep until 6:45 AM, but the neighbor’s seeing-eye dog wants to play… Continue reading I Am Doing MY Best

Pouring Out My Heart

Life in the Karnopp household is a little chaotic today. I learned that Bing Crosby the Cat hasn’t been eating the food I bought him this month, so DKF went to Dollar General to get the cat food he does like — Purina Cat Chow Indoor Formula. He did eat some, but he is still… Continue reading Pouring Out My Heart

Life Goes On

Today was a very nice, hot day.  Even though I was indoors most of the day, after dialysis, I was able to sit outside while I waited for DKF to pick me up to take me home for the day.  I dislike the heat and the cold, but I do my best to manage the… Continue reading Life Goes On

One of Those Days

It is a late night for me.  I have had one of those days where I felt emotional due to getting something political in my mail.  Yes, it upset me.  I am getting sick and tired of President Trump being bullied by government officials.  I get it.  Certain people want him out of office, and the same people… Continue reading One of Those Days