Really Out of It

Today I have no complaints.  Because of the time of writing this entry, I am tired  — feeling it all afternoon.  I was out of it when DKF and her husband were here from 4:45 PM to 5:30 PM. I do have to admit that I was really out of it.

A Relaxing Day Today

Today I had decided to do something different. What was different/(not) unusual was not out of my comfort zone? I decided to watch Cold Case Files on Hulu Diagnosis Murder from 10:30 AM to 1 PM, then Netflix’s program American Horror Story that was an A&E program until series one, episode ten, was done at 4… Continue reading A Relaxing Day Today

Another Day Has Come

Another day has come. I have had my morning cares with DKF, and she will be back a little before 5 PM with her husband to make sure I am doing okay for the evening, and have a second bath before bed. I got up at 5 AM to the sound of my neighbor in… Continue reading Another Day Has Come

My Sunday At Home Today

Conversation With My Mom  Every Sunday, I talk to my mom on the phone. Today’s conversation was about COVID-19 and how news stations handled it from the start. Does China hate us that people have manufactured a virus to be spread all over the world as the Coronavirus is doing right this minute? That is… Continue reading My Sunday At Home Today

My Thoughts Today

Apologies Please accept my apologies for not writing as much as I have done so in the past. Since I have other sites at Dear Diary, I have organized my writing the best way possible, and I rarely write in “My Life in Words” diary nowadays. I will write when I can—like today. It is… Continue reading My Thoughts Today

Another One of Those Days

Okay, usually I am full of pep on Monday, but today I wasn’t full of liveliness. DKF and her husband celebrated their second wedding anniversary today, so I did not have any services. It was not DKF’s day off that put me in a funk. The feeling of sadness started Saturday when I learned that… Continue reading Another One of Those Days