I Am Back

It took me a while to get back. For some reason, I was blocked because I logged in wrong tfmore than enough times. SB helped me get back online. Thanks SB. I use initials for a reasons.

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I cannot believe that April will be leaving us after tomorrow for a year. I sometimes wonder why days go so fast while others go slower than molasses. Is my life boring? No, not at all, to be very honest. I have a very energetic kitty who will be a year old tomorrow and has… Continue reading Jabber

Jabbering Again

I feel I am falling behind in my journaling when, in reality, I am not falling behind at all. I can write in my diary anytime from anywhere and wherever I am. My journal – diary – is mine – all mine. I can share whatever I want and need to. That is what turned… Continue reading Jabbering Again


It has been a few days since I last wrote in my diary.  I haven’t had a lot to report actually.  Ever since May, I have been quarantined to my home, the dialysis center, and picking up groceries because of the Coronavirus.  Being socially distant is not a problem in my life.  I do not go on Facebook like… Continue reading Jabber

A Relaxing Day Today

Today I had decided to do something different. What was different/(not) unusual was not out of my comfort zone? I decided to watch Cold Case Files on Hulu Diagnosis Murder from 10:30 AM to 1 PM, then Netflix’s program American Horror Story that was an A&E program until series one, episode ten, was done at 4… Continue reading A Relaxing Day Today

Life Continues

The New Spectrum App Is No More I have been disappointed the past few days because of the new look for the Spectrum app only lasted a couple of days before reverting to the original look. I liked the new look very much. Maybe Spectrum was having issues with the look they were testing and… Continue reading Life Continues

What is in a Diary?

Okay, I will be sincere here. I did some research on how to write a better diary. The study came up with me using keywords, dear diary, how to write a journal/diary. I am one of those people who does not write Dear Diary at the beginning. I write what is on my mind that… Continue reading What is in a Diary?