A Mysterious Day and Thank You, Jesus

Today’s day was exciting—a surprise—a mystery that doesn’t need answers.  Yes, I have had one of those days.  I know God works in mysterious ways, and sometimes medicines can do strange things for good reasons.  It was one of those days.   I get to the hospital by 8:30 AM, register, and get to an outpatient room.  A tech comes in and talks to me, a nurse prepares me for my procedure and gets the IV in for antibiotics and whatever IR nurses and techs put in during the course—pain meds.  I am talking a mile a minute when someone is present but quiet as a mouse during my time alone.  At this point, I did not know the mystery was there.  I was doing my best at not worrying since I had this procedure done before.

I get into the procedure room with the techs, and the mystery deepens when M (female tech) starts pulling blood from the venous/blue side and the arterial/red side.  Hmmm?  A mystery, and no need to change the catheter, and the Cathflo that was in the arterial side must have been working hard on the clot Tony (male dialysis tech) could not budge. Ton is a trusted technician because he takes his job seriously.  I like him a lot.  His brother Tre works there as well as traveling technicians.

After 12:30 PM, I was discharged, and I went downstairs to the cafeteria to wait for my friend JM to get off work.  I saw Dr. A while waiting, and I told him what had happened.  He surmised that the Cathflo in the catheter was working on a clot.  I believe God also had a hand in my catheter working as well.

I got home with JM by 3 PM.  It made for a long day, but it was worth my day, and tomorrow I will go back to dialysis.

The Handicapped Sign and a Neighbor’s Attitude

I get home after 3 PM today because we (DKF surprised me with lunch since we had time before her doctor’s appointment at 2:40 PM) decided to get a bite to eat, go to an appointment she had, and then get back to my place. We had a great time until we got to my apartment building. DKF always parks in an accessible parking spot because dialysis makes me slower and a little unsteady and gets me inside my apartment before she comes back out to move her car into a non-handicapped parking stall. Today of all days, a neighbor and her ex-husband decided to yell at Dawn and tell her this parking stall was reserved, had his name on the sign…it doesn’t…and that this neighbor has a wheelchair and one leg. I heard this gentleman, and then I heard a voice. I recognized the woman’s voice, and it was someone I liked very much. She was siding with her ex-husband. I was appalled at the fact that DKF was being yelled at when I DKF was being calm and doing her best to explain that she was doing her best at describing what she was doing, but the gentleman continued to yell over her. We both hear the word “bitch” come out of his mouth before he drove off to park his vehicle. I finally get out and inside my apartment before she got back outside to move her vehicle. DKF and I both knew who’s car always parked in the parking stall, and I was told by management that no one had assigned/reserved parking stalls a few months ago when I asked. I also have a handicapped card so we can park in the handicapped section in parking lots. DKF uses the card ONLY when I am in the vehicle as well. When DKF came back inside, she wanted to talk to KR about what happened, and the gentlemen and neighbor decided to confront her in the hallway, yelling some more. DKF’s voice never raised, but I did hear her say before returning to my apartment that she always looks out for Krissi. We will be filling out a complaint when management is in after the weekend — Monday.

A May Day Memory

There is one day I remember as a child.  A neighbor girl would make little baskets for May Day — May 1st — every year for all the kids in the neighborhood.  Her name was Nikki — NA — and I remember her doing it once she was old enough to walk.  Knowing she is grown and probably has children of her own now.  Anyway, there is one year I remember well.  This one year was the last time I would be getting a May basket because I was moving to Janesville after school ended that June.  That year NA delivered her May basket to me by climbing a raised wall to reach me in the front deck we had on the house.  She did it so efficiently that if I did it, I would have injured myself really good or have died because I hit my head on the way down even if the wall wasn’t very tall.  Anyway, those days are gone now.


I do have to admit that I haven’t been writing much lately.
I have not been feeling terrific this week. I have been going to dialysis and coming home. Yesterday I went to urgent care to get a urine analysis done for Dr. A because I have UTI symptoms. I do not know how long I have had this UTI, but it is the worst I have had in a long time. I am waiting to hear from Dr. A. It has been one of those weeks filled with anxiety.

It Has Been A While

It is November 8, 2020, and I have not written for a while. I have been busy with dialysis, getting things done on Tuesdays like laundry, dialysis, and running errands with DKF. My life does not stop from one day to the next these days. With a new kitty in the house these days, I haven’t found time to sit down to write. When Magic wants or needs attention, I put things down to give him the love he deserves. He is now napping, and it is a rare occasion I am here now. Magic’s life began here on October 6, 2020, and I have learned a lot about Magic kitty that my patience for a kitten needs a lesson. My last kitten was two months old, and that was thirty years ago!! Magic is now six months old, and he HAS ENERGY! I will reach my exercise goals on my watch with him. WTG, Magic, for keeping me on my toes.

There is so much I want to say right now. I am glad the election is FINALLY over! Joe Biden is going to be our 46th President of the United States. I’m not particularly eager to talk politics in my diary here, but I will say this:

I knew that Biden was going to win. I WAS NOT impressed with Trump’s or Biden’s misbehaving during the months before the election. I do not condone bad behavior, lies, cheating, and being told that we are in trouble now.  I will write more on my politics blog. Please be patient with me.

I am back for now.  

Magic Kitty Time

It has been a rough couple of weeks here at home, but what’s happening now is very good. I had learned that Magic was not litter box trained yet when he came home to stay with patience and understanding. Yep, I had to teach him to use the litter box. How? Getting a smaller one and putting Yesterday’s News litter in it, and putting it in the living room underneath my desk. It did not take him long to learn. The litter box in the bathroom filled with half of the clumping litter I had used for Bing Crosby the Cat and half of the other is litter Yesterday’s News. He is NOW utilizing the litter box in the bathroom more than the one in the living room. This fur baby Momma has done something right. He has stopped peeing on the couch and carpet in the bedroom and living room. I am PROUD OF HIM, and I tell him that.

Magic is adjusting well now. The only problem we had was the litter box, but now that is not an issue. For the first two weeks, I slept in the living room to watch and give Magic reinforcements for doing the right thing because of the litter box training. When he began pooping in the litter box, I feel that my job as his Momma was working for both of us. I was NOT giving up on him. I have decided to retreat to my bedroom at night, but before I did, I had my carpets and furniture cleaned of any urine smells and former cat smell of Bing Crosby. Magic could be marking his territory by telling me that he could smell Bing. I never got mad at him. I did what was necessary to teach Magic that what he was doing was not acceptable behavior. As soon as I went to bed in my bedroom, I had a black kitty sleeping with me. Now we can allow Magic to speak about his life here. Don’t miss “Magic Speaks” in the future. He has wonderful stories to tell you.

Life Continues No Matter What

It has been a while since I have written in my diary. Time goes by most days seems to be getting faster on the good days and very slow on the not so good days. Today has been a reasonable day, although I have gotten a little restless around 2 PM this afternoon. I watched Diagnosis Murder from 10:30 AM to 2 PM, and then I decided to watch one hour of Magnum P. I. before I decided to go camp in my bedroom for the rest of the afternoon and evening before sundown. I have decided to take it easy and get some rest before going to bed. Writing in my diary/journal is the first time since May 4, 2020. It has been one of those months of comings and goings to the dialysis center and back home.

We are still in shutdown, shut-in mode in Rock County thanks to our Mayor. We still have closures of some restaurants, bars, and other places that do not qualify as essential. Some restaurants are open for delivery through some app or have curbside service. The number of people affected by or have died from the Coronavirus is still climbing instead of declining. Rock County is NOT ready to reopen hairstyling shops, manicure and pedicure shops, and allow non-essential employees back to work. Rock County is a sad place to be living right now. The only three things I can do right now are going to and from dialysis, ordering lunch and dinner in from essential places, and practicing social distancing. I can do also is order my groceries ahead of time and pick them up at a time that the grocery store has a time slot for me to fill. I have been socially distancing myself for the past two and a half years now, so I don’t see many people/other tenants anymore. I am not the type of person who likes to socialize like I once did a few years ago. Times have changed, and trust has been misplaced more than once. Even my social media sites have found me less sociable. Facebook has become more political these days.

I am not always in my political mind. Right now, I am feeling the pull and hatred of the Democratic party, the Republican party having their powerplays against one another. Politics has become, truthfully, a circus of some sort. I cannot turn on the news because people are upset with President Trump, Nancy Pelosi, and other governing officials. It has gotten pretty sad—it all about power and wealth in politics these days. UUGGHH

Now, I haven’t been working on this diary/journal since 3 PM. I have been doing other things that matter to me. I am just getting my thoughts to write, and that takes a little bit of time.

I Needed To Say Something

A New Month Has Come

 March has bowed out, exiting the stage at the right while April has come onto the scene on the left. Let’s welcome April. Hello to the month April. What do you have in store for us all over the world?

Update With Dr. Phil

 I will be frank with everyone, I am still scared about the virus spreading, the symptoms, 

and not knowing what will crop up. Dr. Phil, home, is doing a series on the Coronavirus because we are to be in our homes and going out for essentials at this time. My essential is dialysis three times a week. I did not watch yesterday’s episode because there was a two-part Magnum P. I. I was interested in seeing instead. Today’s episode on people who have been tested positive for the virus and are at home. One person, a father, was in the hospital and was released. The virus has no preference for whom it attaches itself. I appreciate Dr. Phil’s insight on the pandemic as the news has given me quite a fright from the beginning. I am always wondering when the virus will leave. God knows what he is doing, and in the meantime, I am going to continue to stay indoors and go to dialysis only.

Coronavirus Daily Updates

 When it comes to the virus, and President Trump airs a daily report, I do my best to listen to some of it, but I can take in so much without panicking and getting anxious. I will then turn it off or watch something else. Dr. Phil requested that we stay alert, safe in our homes, and go out only for our essentials, and that is what I am doing. Before entering the dialysis clinic, patients have their temperatures taken. It makes sense. Safety comes first. I understand why there is a daily update, but does it have to air on TV?

Shopping Because of the Coronavirus Pandemic

 Because news has aired about the Coronavirus from the start, I have been unable to get specific items in the grocery store. Toilet paper has become non-existent lately. Now, since the virus has gone viral in all the states, I stay inside my apartment all the time and go to the dialysis clinic three times a week and back home. I have to use baby wipes for my bum when I have a bowel movement, and baby wipes are scarce because parents with babies and young children have grabbed everything off the shelves. Toilet paper used in my home, but I have plenty right now because I don’t use a lot of it. Stores are now open for a specific time of the day and close by 9 or 10 pm. Woodman’s, a store we have in Janesville, allows shoppers to get a certain number of items each for what they want. It is so important to practice safety in this time of trouble, and I am hearing there are lots of people out there who could get the virus or already have it because they are not staying home. I am learning that some people do not care. I am having my groceries delivered this Saturday afternoon.

Time to Say Good Night

 I have other things I would like to get done online, so I am going to say good night—time for me to say good night, my dear friends, and readers at DD. I am praying for everyone during this time. Please stay safe.

Life Continues

The New Spectrum App Is No More

I have been disappointed the past few days because of the new look for the Spectrum app only lasted a couple of days before reverting to the original look. I liked the new look very much. Maybe Spectrum was having issues with the look they were testing and returned to the original, dull, and slow look. Who knows? Oh well, I will have to fuddle through the app from time to time to get to where I want to be on my Roku/Spectrum app.

How Is Everyone Doing?

My thoughts are on my Dear Diary readers and friends. The Coronavirus has come into the United States, causing great havoc. I understand that not all of the Dear Diary bloggers, diarists are from the United States, but those who are, I am praying and thinking of everyone. Where I live, there are no reported cases of the virus in Rock County, but in Dane County, and other Wisconsin towns, cities, and areas have instances of the Coronavirus. I do not knock on wood for good luck; I praise God for keeping us safe here in Rock County. I also have to admit that anxiety and panic have reared their ugly heads. Being a dialysis patient, going to the clinic three times a week, does scare me a little bit. I have to go and come back home to do what I enjoy most.

If you are in an area that is affected by Coronavirus, my heart and soul feels for you. This virus is scary, and it has scared a lot of people here—even me. All I can do for anyone is to pray and keep everyone in my thoughts in a positive way. I do not wish this virus on anyone, even my worst enemy. I am not cruel, nor do I want to be an evil person. I am one of many people who has flaws in friendships. I’ve had to walk away from friends for good health reasons. In doing so, it broke my heart to walk away from some friends. Yes, I have rekindled some friendships, but I am keeping myself at a distance. With one friend, I will not rekindle our friendship because we do not have anything in common, nor am I interested in what is going on in her life anymore. Her mental state scares me, and my health cannot deal with what had happened to her before we saw each other again when she moved back into the building. She was not the same person I met when I first moved into the building in 1998. I do wish her to be happy, but that is all I can do for her now. I am thinking of all who are affected by the virus today and always.

My Diary At Dear Diary

I have not left. I have added more to my membership at DD. I have made it work for me the way it should. I still love DD, too. As long as DD exists, I will be here. Whatever I write in my public diary will be what it is, a diary of sorts. I love the idea of being organized online here, even though my apartment organization needs significant work right now. I dislike organizing things also though I love to see organization while visiting my parents in AR and NM. I love chaos as long as I am safe from any hazard in my apartment. I’m good to go. My home shows its true colors about me. So what I write in my diary now titled My Life In Words will have fewer entries per month now.

Time to Say Good Night

It is getting late. Even though it is going on 8 PM here in Wisconsin, I have something else to do before retiring to bed for the night. Tomorrow is a dialysis day, and I do my best to get a good sleep. Sometimes I do not sleep well. I know I didn’t sleep well the night before last for some reason. I think the Coronavirus being close to home has brought me a lot of anxiety and questions that keep me up at night. I hope everyone has the best night possible, and good night Dear Diary.

Not A Lot to Say Tonight

Life sometimes has curve balls we need to face and get once in a while. This week has been one of those weeks for two of my dearest friends. Without going into great detail because I do not have permission to do so, I can say that there are prayers needed at this time for my friends. My heart aches because there is nothing I can do but to listen and pray and be as supportive as possible. I don’t particularly appreciate facing those curve balls myself, but I get them as well. Sometimes those darn curveballs hit me in the face, and then I realize that I have been worrying for nothing. What is happening to my two friends right now is worrisome, though. Although it is not my worry, I do not want to lose a good friendship because something has changed drastically for them. Life must go on, and tomorrow when DKF gets here, we have plans to get my hair done at My Clips.