Politics Is One Subject You Don’t Want to Hear My Thoughts Out Loud — Trust Me

I had to do it.  I had to write my thoughts about politics this morning and post it.  I am getting sick and tired of people saying that the Republicans are lying and do not care about this country or the Democrats do not care and are socialists.  We had lost our freedom in the United States because of the COVID-19 pandemic in April when it started.  The pandemic has affected me. I cannot explain right this minute because of the time I have before leaving for dialysis.  I feel the President is doing EVERYTHING he can with both parties (Republicans and Democrats) having standoffs because they cannot agree on anything the President is doing.  No one wants Trump as President.

Why can’t people just leave him alone?  Yes, it is an election year, and both parties are lying about the opposing side because they want to be the winners of the election.  I am a little miffed right now and writing this with some anger about how politics are going right now. COVID-19 has come during an election year, and this makes it even tougher for many people to grasp who is the best for President for the next four years, whether it be President Trump for another four years or Biden, if he wins the election this year.  I have family and friends who know how they stand.  I know how I stand.  I’ve heard a Democrat talk ill of Trump.  I can see her point, but the hatred she has for Republicans – I being one of them – scares me, so I’d rather not talk politics with her.  I cannot wait until the election is over.

Life Goes On

Today was a very nice, hot day.  Even though I was indoors most of the day, after dialysis, I was able to sit outside while I waited for DKF to pick me up to take me home for the day.  I dislike the heat and the cold, but I do my best to manage the climate.  Today was the first day I had my AC on for the day after management helped me get the cover off and remove it from my apartment for the summer season and fall season.

Life in the Karnopp household continues one way or another — ready or not.  Today, I was prepared after yesterday’s emotional day because I allowed a piece of mail (snail) to get to me.  Yes, I was upset because people are bashing/lying about President Trump, and doing EVERYTHING they can with more lies get him impeached so he cannot be President anymore.  The past four years have been nothing but a witch hunt.  I dislike mean people, and I do not care if you are a Republican or Democrat.  Some people are just downright mean, and I can name a few, but I won’t keep the peace.  What is happening in the world today is not right, and the earthly government and judicial system cannot always be trusted. My opinion ONLY!  It was a perfect, HOT day.  I am glad I can open with my views (what I feel) at this time.

One of Those Days

It is a late night for me. 

I have had one of those days where I felt emotional due to getting something political in my mail.  Yes, it upset me.  I am getting sick and tired of President Trump being bullied by government officials.  I get it. 

Certain people want him out of office, and the same people have been working on getting him out of the office from day one.  What did I get in the what we call snail mail these days?  I got an advertisement that was saying that President Trump was poisoning our water and getting away with it.  That sent me in a tailspin of emotions.  DKF was gone from my apartment to do my laundry and the laundromat, and she had come back chatting on the phone with a friend until she had to leave for her next client.  DKF didn’t leave my place until after 8 AM, so she didn’t return until 10 AM.  That left her only thirty to forty-five minutes left to be with me.

I did my best to wait for her to get off the phone, but it didn’t happen. That sent me into another spin of emotions.  I needed to talk to her about the piece of mail.  She did return for a while at 5 PM to make a couple of meals until 5:30 PM.  I told her what was bothering me.  She understood what I was saying, and she told me kindly that I need to not worry about what others think of President Trump.  Yes, easier said than done, but I hear what she means.  No, I shouldn’t have let it bother me – I did.  It was a rough day.  I have decided not to watch my standard TV programming today.  I watched a Nancy Drew Mystery movie, and see what other Nancy Drew programs to see what the series brought.  Another show I decided to watch on the Roku channel was The First 48.  It was one of those days that I needed to have a different routine.

I have my iPad, and I am watching a Picture Perfect Mystery on HMM.  I will fall asleep before midnight now that I have taken the time to write in my journal.  I am going to say good night.  It is 9:30 PM.  Good night.

A Political Rant

My mom and I talk to one another on the phone every Sunday. When we spoke today, I had said something that got my mom ranting and raving on how things were going politically. OOPS, her ranting and raving practically floored me, but what she is upset about politically is understandable. I do agree that some politicians have gone too far politically. Being on one side or the other is what divides us as Republicans and Democrats. Politics have gotten scary.