After being gone from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., I was hoping today would be peaceful and not a whole lot being done today. I got that today…a peaceful day. The phone only rang once so far. I love it. Been relaxing most of the day today, watching television, and napping. Lazy is it today. Tomorrow begins another busy week for me…and I am looking forward to tomorrow if plans don’t change. I do have plans in the evening even though plans could change tomorrow morning and afternoon. I won’t be disappointed this time if plans change because it is a different friend I am getting together with tomorrow. Other than that, today has been good/great for me. Really great and quiet and peaceful. The only thing that is making my peaceful day not 100% enjoyable is a little headache that started less than an hour ago. I hate headaches – especially during my anxiety.

Disappointment Again

I had plans to get together with the friend who could not get together with me the last minute on Wednesday. She told me that she could not get together tonight because both cars would not work. I was disappointed a little disgusted this time. I did not know what to think right away…was it a flimsy excuse?? Should I give this friend a third chance? My heart tells me not to give her another chance. I need input on this…opinion only. My heart says not to give this friend a third chance and I wonder if others agree or not. I was disappointed again! hmmm?

My Day Today

Today was not a horrible day exactly…if any not at all a horrible day. The only thing that seemed a little out of line today was the weather. It has been beautiful in Wisconsin for the past few days and today I saw the sky spitting snow…(didn’t stick…YEAH).

My plans yesterday with my high school buddy have been changed for tomorrow afternoon instead of yesterday because she had something more important come up and she needed to babysit…that was okay even though in my mind I was slightly disappointed because I was looking forward to seeing my friend. At least we are going to get together tomorrow instead…unless something comes up for either one of us again. LOL Hopefully not.

Today…I went to the hospital with a friend of mine who was going to have a test done. We had breakfast out. My friend had to have a bone scan today…pray that it went well and nothing bad will be found. After her appointment I went to the Urgent Care here in our city to have my hip and elbow (Right) looekd at…and it is not broken…just badly bruised from a fall I took two weeks ago on February 20th. It is smarting today…LOL With the cold weather, I am not surprised. i am going to be fine though.

This is my day today…

A High School Buddy

It has been a long time since I have heard from my high school buddy Peggy…and the other day she called to let me know about the business she was in – a long distance carrier called Excel. She had called me in regards to this long distance carrier and wanted to know if I was interested. I told her I would have to give it some time – a week to think about it. On top of this conversation, we have found time to get together as friends and go out and have dinner together. It seems that I haven’t seen this friend for two years now and it is, to be very honest, exciting to have the opportunity to see her again later today. Peggy and I were in health class together in our Junior year in high school and we sat next to each other at the same table. Yes, we have known each other for years…and Peggy is a nice person to know. She is an old high school buddy of mine.

A Few Moments of Sheer Terror! Panic Attack…

It was about 10 p.m. here when I finally saw my cat from her catnap. She was acting strange and so I followed her around not sure what was going on. It looked like, by my cat’s actions, that something was caught in her throat. I grabbed her quickly…panic sitting in a bit…and found her front end wet from water. (She must have taken an unexpected bath) I grabbed the collar and took it off immediately. She let me hold her like a “Mom” does her baby child as I called…as panic began to subside enough. I called the vet office and asked for the answering service to have my cat’s doctor call her. As I waited for the doctor to call, I held onto my cat for as long as she wanted to be held, and seconds before he did return my call, she wanted down. By then I noticed that things were back to normal for my cat and I was calming down slowly but surely.

Believe it or not, it was sheer terror at first. I did not know what to think as I don’t have children of my own but my cat Emilee. She is my pride and joy and blood pressure medication. Emilee has been in my life for almost 11 years now. She is a good cat most of the time, but the rest…ornery like her “human” Mim – Me. LOL Sheer terror is now a joy


Hello, my name is Kae Smiley. I am a young woman who loves to write in a journal/diary as often as she can. My life, although not always filled with activity and things to do some days, I always have something to write about. I have loved to write stories and write in a journal since I was eight years old and the love of writing grew along with me as I got older into my teens and adult years. I find writing in a personal journal/diary not as much fun as it used to for personal reasons, but I have found sharing what I write most fun. I would like to give this Dear Diary a chance for a bit before passing judgment. I am glad to have found other people who have the same interest in journaling I do…whether it is private or public. Look out, my journalings can be very lengthy…just ask my church/email buddies! LOL

I don’t even know what in the world I am going to do today. Maybe today will be fairly quiet and relaxing for me. Last night I actually slept well and woke up this morning to a stuffy nose. I wake up with a stuffy nose almost every morning and have to take Clariton at night before I go to bed. Last night I failed to take it. Oh well…not every night do I have to. Now that it is Monday, wonder how my week is going to be like. Busy? Relaxing? Fun filled? I have no clue. Sometimes I don’t know what is going to happen on my days until it happens. I did have a dentist appointment this afternoon but had to cancel it last week until April 5th…a month away! So now my appointment cancelled, I have nothing major planned today. Maybe I will read a good book and watch television and take a little nap. Oh…the naps come naturally sometimes. I don’t force napping.