Another 3 AM Awakened Day

I have been up since 3 AM again this morning, with a couple of hours I do not remember this afternoon. I have been watching CSI: Crime Scene Investigation all day. I love that show. William Petersen and Ted Danson are my favorites, Laurance Fishbourne, Jorja Fox, Marg Helgenberger, and other actors/actresses. I do have… Continue reading Another 3 AM Awakened Day

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Weekly Dialysis Update

Dialysis this week went well. Today, the tech had an issue with the machine for a moment and called another tech over who got the machine working correctly after pushing a few buttons. As for the week, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday (today), I was able to get in early (before 9 AM) and out early (before and a little… Continue reading Weekly Dialysis Update

Been Up Since 3 AM

I have been up since 3 AM this morning, and getting back to sleep is difficult. I can take a nap later if necessary. It’s not a dialysis day so I will not be taking a nap there today.

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The Start of My Weekend

It’s Friday, and my Sabbath weekend will be starting shortly, whereas my dialysis weekend will begin once I finish dialysis tomorrow afternoon. I am spending the good part of my day watching CSI: Crime Scene Investigation starring William Petersen. DKF will be here at 730 PM tonight to make up some time for not being… Continue reading The Start of My Weekend

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Dialysis Update

All seems to be going well. I have this fear that my graft has stopped working, though. The nurse at the clinic check it every time I go in, and it’s still going strong. I’m not too fond of it when my anxiety takes over in moments I have from time to time. It’s maddening… Continue reading Dialysis Update

I Am Back

It took me a while to get back. For some reason, I was blocked because I logged in wrong tfmore than enough times. SB helped me get back online. Thanks SB. I use initials for a reasons.

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What Do I Need to Do?

When I say my planet is spinning, it is usually my mind going around and around specific subjects I have been thinking of lately. Sometimes it scares me while it prods me to continue to move further. There is one matter that comes to mind often is having a second kidney transplant. I do not… Continue reading What Do I Need to Do?


I cannot believe that April will be leaving us after tomorrow for a year. I sometimes wonder why days go so fast while others go slower than molasses. Is my life boring? No, not at all, to be very honest. I have a very energetic kitty who will be a year old tomorrow and has… Continue reading Jabber

My Day at Home

With the day being Wednesday, here I am, at home, watching CSI: Crime Scene Investigations, playing Harry Potter and having reached level 640, and now I am a little stuck with the game. I will get past 640 soon, though. DKF came in the morning for three hours and then came back at 7:30 PM… Continue reading My Day at Home

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Dialysis Update – The machine was having an issue for some reason or another. It took twenty minutes to get me hooked up, and my consolation prize was being on for three hours instead of three hours and fifteen minutes. I had weighed 95.5 kilos coming into the clinic and 92.1 kilos as my dry… Continue reading Today