I am having a rough day.

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For a Friday, the day zoomed by kind of fast–too fast. Where in the world did my Friday go? I was having one of those days that sped by—even on May 21 and May 22; those two days sped by so fast that I almost forgot to wish y stepmother and stepfather a happy birthday. It was like-wow!

When caregivers talk on the phone, it is not always about me. I wish they would leave their stuff out of a conversation when one is there and the other is not; they can have personal issues aired later. I get it that they have bad days, too. Conversation be curbed between them can be restrained for a while when they have personal issues they need to talk about can be done later. I have to find a way to talk to them about, and right I am at loss for the words.

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Dialysis Day Confusion Today

Dialysis went smoothly today, but Veyo had me confused by having two companies picking me up — one in the morning was Cream City Transport, and in the afternoon was You Buy We Fly. Oh my goodness, I was confused, and my head was spinning a little faster than normal. I got to where I needed to be. I had a little snag with You Buy We Fly between 1 PM and 1:30 PM, but I still got to therapy on time and unknown, I had a different therapist today. I was not thrilled, but still did therapy. I did not have GD,   I had Lilly. 

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Life in the Now

A new dawned and I have been up since 6:30 PM. Magic has already cuddled with me for about a half an hour. My phone and iPad have to be not used at the time I am paying attention to Magic. I dote on the boy as long as it takes. I love him that much to ignore my phone and iPad while giving him love and kisses. He can be a naughty boy at times, but today, he’s being relatively a good kitty. He has his moments of naughtiness. He is in the mood to play. Oh well, cats are what they are most of the time—good kitties. I do love him a lot.

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Morning of May 13, 2023

With Dear Diary fixed now, I am back up and running. Thanks, SB. I appreciate you for unlocking my locked account. I am baffled about what happened, but I am not obsessing about it. I can only emulate the outcome until I am blue in the face, which is a mystery to this day. Life continues to move ahead smoothly. At dialysis and waiting for my time on the machine. I am waiting patiently, and that is a thank goodness because I have Pages, Grammarly, and Dear Diary. My world is spinning excellently right now. For a Saturday, the day is going smoothly. Now I have to get JP to become a morning. NOT! Not me.


I am wearing my brace this morning.

Magic Kitty

Magic was naughty this morning because he hit his head on the chair himself. He attacked JP several times in a devilish sort of way and ended up getting sprayed with water and became playful ten minutes later. He was having a bad morning. I wonder if he thought JP was in the way, which is why he attacked her, but speculating can get me in trouble.

Planet Spinning 

My planet or world is spinning nicely at the right speed. My blood pressure is doing great. My BP is 127/83 now, and it will get rechecked thirty minutes later at fifteen and forty-five minutes after the hour. I have under two hours and thirty minutes left to dialyze. Yay! This is my treatment of the week. I have Sunday and Monday off — my dialysis weekend. Woohoo!

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It Does Hurt

The idea of therapy is a good thing. The only thing I do not understand is my Dad is not responding to my texts as my Mom does when we talk about taking steps to walk again. I guess I do not expect any response from my dad now. His silence is what it is at this time. Please excuse my attitude about this—yes, it hurts.

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Today, May 11, 2023

Changing Banks

Changing banks was not difficult. It was the waiting game that was hard to muster through. I am no longer with First Community Credit Union any longer. That is a big plus in my world. The bank I use now is BMO and it is next door from Garden Court Apartments. Now I wonder how long it will be for me to move from here. That is the waiting game.


I have therapy two times a week at Mercy Rehabilitation Center. Today, I stood up five times while at therapy. My foot ached in the brace, but I wore it about four hours. It was a little uncomfortable, but it was a good session.

Computer Issues?

For some reason, the internet would not load at dialysis when SB had to unlock my site               because the password would not work. Maybe I capitalized Magic by accident. What the heck? What did I do that for? Oh well, it happens.Grammarly had to wait until I got home to correct the error–still have to wait. For some reason, I will figure it out as figuring it out. 

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It Happened Again Today

Oh my goodness, SB had to get me unlocked again today! Ugh, it was frustrating this morning. Oops, I do not remember, unfortunately, and that’s okay. I did get it fixed, though. I wonder what I did wrong. Maybe I capitalized Magic by accident.

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April 27, 2023

Today has been a wonderful day all day. I decided to stop being lazy. Yes, I am bedridden, but when in power chair I can do some things to help JM and JP. I did just that today. JM is the caregiver and friend came to get me ready and out for dialysis. After JM got my toast on a paper plate and table (tv tray table), I ate my quick breakfast,  threw the plate away, and moved the table back to the living room out of the way. I got my iPad ready to be put in the bag and checked my phone for the punch card for my ride to dialysis.

I went to dialysis, got hooked up, and my blood pressure was excellent. It was in the 130s and 80s the entire treatment. According to the machine, it was running high. I think it has something to do with the machine–not me because my blood pressure runs fine at home when checked. I do not know if it was anxiety-driven.

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April 26, 2023

Another day has come, and I did not post yesterday’s blog. I must wait until this afternoon when I get home or let it go. It is okay that I do not share my life in a blog every day, but I love to write. The only thing I have noticed is that I may not post what I have written for a couple of days and date it the date it is supposed to be posted—like today for today.

Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, I have dialysis for two hours and forty-five minutes. I leave and get a ride on dialysis days at 9 AM, then get home when I am done or above 1:15 PM. Being a non-dialysis day, I am relaxing and watching Murder, She Wrote on Peacock — Roku — today. I have been watching my Spectrum app on Roku less often these days. I have watched all the episodes of Monk, Murder She Wrote, Diagnosis Murder, DropDead Diva, and Psych, and I still occasionally watch a movie on Hallmark and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries (HMM) 

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