August 29, 2021

My Sundays are always spent with no company, a call from my Mom, and a text from my dad RLK, but no text today.  I spoke to my Mom at 7 PM.  The day escaped her, but she called, and we chatted.  Also, CD called and apologized.  I did expect her to call and apologize, but yesterday I did not want to force it out of her because she is an adult and not a child, even though her mental capacity is younger than she is.   I hate using the R-word when it comes to CDs.  I won’t spell the word either.  Never say the R-word to someone who has a lower IQ than yourself. It’s demeaning and cruel.

Another thing I did was tell CD that her anger towards other friends could lead to losing friends.  CD will always have me as a friend because I understand her, but her words yesterday did hurt enough for me to be cautious with her from now on because she has yelled at me twice this month.  Asking for favors right now has been halted for the time being.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day from 7 AM to after lunch.  My friend ATD is going to be here for lunch tomorrow between 11:30 AM and noon.  I believe we are going to have food from Citrus Café.  MK will be here from 7 AM to 10 AM doing housework, bathing, dressing for the day, and doing laundry. My Monday is going to be a busy day.

Well, friends and readers, I’m going to say good night now.  It was a good day watching and listening to CSI: Miami all day, reading Chronicles of Narnia.  These are the books I have read so far:

The Magician’s Nephew

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe – now I am reading,

The Horse and the Boy … Now the order was confusing at first, but now I understand and see why the order is what it is these days after the first reading:

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Prince Caspian

Voyage of the Dawn Treader and the other books first.  TMyKindle reader displays the correct order after years of reading 1 – 7 in the order in the set C.S. Lewis’ box set first portrayed.  I can’t put the books down.  I love reading books.

Good night friends and readers.  I will write more tomorrow.

Remembering September 28, 2020

Here I am, a few months later, remembering September 28, 2020. I was looking at an old post. I just put down my second cat with hyperthyroidism and diminishing kidneys down this afternoon. From that day forward to October 6, 2020, I had found the quietness so hard to deal with that I found a kitty at the humane society in our city on October 4, 2020, to fill the void. The decision has proven to be one decision worth making as the months continue to move forward. My new cat is Magic Salem, a black kitty who was five months old on September 30, is now a year old. He has an attitude that reminds me a little bit of my first cat Emilee Marie Cuddles and Bing Noel Crosby kitty. It is not unbelievable; it’s a reminder of two former cats before Magic Salem came into my life a week and a day after Bing passed away.

It took me a few months to develop a middle name for Magic because his personality is feisty, loving, wild, talkative, and very active. With him being all black with a white spot on his belly and in bright light, you can see tabby markings under his black fur. I’ve to give Magic the credit of sharing his life with two kitties before him with joy in my heart. I do not have a problem remembering my fur babies before Magic. I believe it is to be – a sign from God that He knows where I am in my life right now. Ever since Magic has been a part of my life (since October 6, 2020), he has been through a lot. We have been through a lot. I have, for the first time with having a cat (my third one). I have separation anxiety and dislike leaving him home alone when I go to dialysis for three hours and fifteen minutes at the clinic. A patient at the clinic makes it tough on Saturdays when she watches baby animals on TV. I love him so much.