A Few Moments of Sheer Terror! Panic Attack…

It was about 10 p.m. here when I finally saw my cat from her catnap. She was acting strange and so I followed her around not sure what was going on. It looked like, by my cat’s actions, that something was caught in her throat. I grabbed her quickly…panic sitting in a bit…and found her front end wet from water. (She must have taken an unexpected bath) I grabbed the collar and took it off immediately. She let me hold her like a “Mom” does her baby child as I called…as panic began to subside enough. I called the vet office and asked for the answering service to have my cat’s doctor call her. As I waited for the doctor to call, I held onto my cat for as long as she wanted to be held, and seconds before he did return my call, she wanted down. By then I noticed that things were back to normal for my cat and I was calming down slowly but surely.

Believe it or not, it was sheer terror at first. I did not know what to think as I don’t have children of my own but my cat Emilee. She is my pride and joy and blood pressure medication. Emilee has been in my life for almost 11 years now. She is a good cat most of the time, but the rest…ornery like her “human” Mim – Me. LOL Sheer terror is now a joy

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  1. To this day, six years later after Emilee has passed away, I find myself missing her from time to time. Today, for the past six years now, I have had Bing Crosby the cat to fill in the void of missing Emilee but he will never replace Emilee and when Bing leaves this earth to death in the far future, no cat will ever replace him, either. Emilee was my fur baby and Bing is now my fur baby, and I now can say I have had a daughter and now I have a son. Yes, Emilee was my first “child” and Bing is my second “child. I do not have any children of the human species.

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