Sunday Morning

Hello and good morning, dear friends and readers. I hope all is well at your end of the world wide web. Today is the first day of the week and is considered my laziest day of the week. DKF comes for an hour, but I do not get a bath or shower on Sundays. My day is free from most of my cares. DKF wants to have time with her husband, SF, during the weekends, and I accept that. I want to have a day to myself anyway. DKF will be here shortly.

Thoughts This Morning (Good Morning)

The first day of December here.  I can not believe how fast the month of November came and went.  There has been a rough road to walk on the past few days, but I am feeling pretty good since last night after 7:30 PM.  I slept well for the first time in a couple of days.  I am awake and I feel refreshed.  Finding sleep in my life has its ups and downs.  The downs can be frustrating when I have dialysis the next day, but today is an up sleep day.  Do I make sense?  Maybe I need to work on math before going to bed at night to get tired and sleepy.  I can make things more complicated than things are sometimes.  Does that happen to you?  It happens to me a lot and I can not always figure out why it is simple when it seems complicated.  Once I figure out something, I am grateful.  I give myself a V8 and realize that the complication was simple, and embarrassment washes over me with goosebumps.  I don’t like those moments either.

Today is dialysis day.  I haven’t updated in a while.  Please forgive me.  I hadn’t written for a while.  I have viewed I was going to write more in the present and future.  Today I have time.  I was awake by 6:15 AM, cuddled with Magic kitty, who is growing up fast, got up to look for something to wear for the day, have my bath.  I am dressed, Magic has been feed.  He loves his breakfast of moist cat food, a half a can.  That’s when I take my meds at the counter with a cup because if I drop a pill Magic will grab it and eat the dropped pill.  I have found time to write before I leave for dialysis this morning.


It is evening now. I have been watching Murdoch Mysteries all day. Yannick Bisson is one of my favorite actors, and I first found out about him when he starred in Aurora Teagarden Mysteries for a while. I ran across Murdoch Mysteries one weekend and saw that Yannick Bisson played the lead role in the (Murdock) series. I began to watch the show on Hulu. I am getting tired now as it is almost 8 PM. I have not been sleeping well lately. I am not sure what is the cause of not sleeping well is, but it will pass. I have a lot on my mind these days.

One of Those Days

After almost a month, I took the time to get on my laptop to get my thoughts written.

I forget that I have Grammarly on my iPad keyboard! It’s not the same as the Grammarly I have on my laptop. I have Grammarly premium. Please bear with me as I am using my iPad to write my entries now. I need to get back blogging, dear diary, no matter the time. I am up by 6:15 AM every morning except Sundays. It has been a rough week last week and yesterday. When my schedule is interrupted/changed, I feel lost and get emotional. Today, Monday, November 30, 2020, I am sitting at home getting my emotions leveled. I am doing what I can in the meantime and glad that I have today to breathe. Please bear with me for a while. I believe that the COVID pandemic is getting to me because all I do is go to dialysis three times a week, get out to do laundry with DKF before or after dialysis on Tuesdays, and that depends on what is happening that day. My laundry gets done every other week. During the holidays between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, I find that my emotions are going everywhere. I dealt with anxiety and panic last week. The residue has run into today, but I am feeling better now. I will not talk about what happened last week because it will bring on feelings of insecurity. I will say this: my anxiety and panic I dealt with the past week was at its worst, and I have not felt it in several weeks. I will be fine. I had a minor setback.

A Quick Entry

Revised using Grammarly November 30, 2020

Life in the Karnopp household continues. I have not been on Dear Diary once again for a few days. I do have to admit that I haven’t had the time after and before dialysis these days. Magic has been keeping me busy these days as well. Dialysis has been going well. I haven’t updated because time escapes me when it comes to my schedule these days. I thought I was back, but not entirely. The Thanksgiving holiday this week threw me for a loop at dialysis because I went on Tuesday, Friday, and today (Sunday). I am watching tv on my iPad right now because my Roku went down and the remote is broken. I’ve had anxiety this week. Magic kitty got sick Friday because he got into something he shouldn’t have, but he’s all good now. I didn’t have dialysis yesterday because Friday patients were at the clinic. When the holiday comes, dialysis days are switched around to ensure that patients get treatment three times a week. I am heading to bed here shortly. It gets dark after 4 pm here. I go to bed by 6 pm during the fall and winter months. I am going to say good night and try to come back tomorrow. Tonight I am not worried about grammar and sentence structure, so please bear with me tonight. I am using my iPad. I am tired. I will get Magic’s bedtime treats, go to the bedroom, and get into my pajamas. Good night and God bless.  

A New Kitty

I get my fur baby today–this afternoon. His name is going to be White Magic to honor Bing. His given name at the Rock County Humane Society is Kirk, but I am changing his name. Here’s the description of Magic. He’s black–all black. My mom qcame up with the name even though he’s black. He’s 5 months old and he doesn’t know his name yet so his name can be changed. We bonded Sunday morning after a few minutes and he put a magic spell on me, LOL!

Having a cat too soon may be offensive to some people, but not having a cat has been very difficult for me. I need the companionship, and White Magic is my new fur baby to be in a few hours. Yes, I miss Bing Crosby the Cat very much. He will be missed. White Magic will not replace Bing, and he is a rescue needing a home filled with lots of love. Magic kitty is going to be loved and cared for. He’s not going to be loved the same way as Bing was loved because he’s a different kitty.

i need to have a cat. I have to have a fur baby to come home to. Having an empty space to come home to bothers me to the core. My grieving process isn’t over, and having a another cat a week and day after Bing died will help me with his loves, cuteness, and his appearance of existing living fur baby. Bing will be honored and I believe Bing’s spirit in my mind brought me to Whir Magic kitty on purpose for the purpose to be loved.

Bing died with his knees dneys going bad and a hyper thyroid issue. That’s why he had lost weight from fourteen pounds to six pounds so quickly.

Good Morning

Good morning from Wisconsin.  I hope everyone is doing good.  I am staying safe with the coronavirus, and I pray everyone is safe as well.  Tenants here may not wear masks like they are supposed to for their safety, and the tenants who do have to wear masks because they do have reason to wear masks.  I am one of those people who is required to wear a mask.  I have kidney disease, and my body’s immune system is compromised, and I can get sick easier than someone who doesn’t have kidney disease.  I do my best at not allowing the coronavirus pandemic to let me down because people are dying from it.  It is still running rampant here in my city in the state of Wisconsin as well as surrounding cities, towns, and communities.  It can be pretty scary when the numbers continue to climb and double from the day before.  Staying safe the best I can by wearing a mask out in public/when I leave my apartment.  I am okay with it.

As far as my diary goes, I have some changes once again.  As far as Dear Diary, I have changed my titles a little bit and added a new blog.  My new blog is What Am I Grateful For Today.