One of Those Days

After almost a month, I took the time to get on my laptop to get my thoughts written.

I forget that I have Grammarly on my iPad keyboard! It’s not the same as the Grammarly I have on my laptop. I have Grammarly premium. Please bear with me as I am using my iPad to write my entries now. I need to get back blogging, dear diary, no matter the time. I am up by 6:15 AM every morning except Sundays. It has been a rough week last week and yesterday. When my schedule is interrupted/changed, I feel lost and get emotional. Today, Monday, November 30, 2020, I am sitting at home getting my emotions leveled. I am doing what I can in the meantime and glad that I have today to breathe. Please bear with me for a while. I believe that the COVID pandemic is getting to me because all I do is go to dialysis three times a week, get out to do laundry with DKF before or after dialysis on Tuesdays, and that depends on what is happening that day. My laundry gets done every other week. During the holidays between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, I find that my emotions are going everywhere. I dealt with anxiety and panic last week. The residue has run into today, but I am feeling better now. I will not talk about what happened last week because it will bring on feelings of insecurity. I will say this: my anxiety and panic I dealt with the past week was at its worst, and I have not felt it in several weeks. I will be fine. I had a minor setback.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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