April 9, 2001 – Monday

I have been very busy lately. I have been unable to write in my journal lately because of time, and being out a lot lately. It is Spring now and I am trying to enjoy the weather as much as I can. This past weekend, now one day after, I was definitely busy doing things. I saw my parents on Saturday for a couple of hours, and then as soon as I got home, I was gone again even though it was two hours after arriving home. Because Spring is here and the weather is warming up enough for thunderstorms, we have a nice thunderstorm last Thursday afternoon and early evening, and Saturday we had high winds causing damage to property. Our building, where I live today, had shingles from the roof get blown off, and the garage door was damaged by the wind creating a big hole, and the door to the inside of the garage was blown open, and the cardboard recycle container rolled from its spot until it got caught in the grass – almost damaging the cars by it! The wind was awful. Yesterday I spent the day resting and relaxing and not caring about anything in the world for a while – although I did care for my friends and family. Today begins a new day for me. Did some cleaning. I know tomorrow will be busy for me as well. This whole month of April will be busy for me – even May will be busy for me, I think…

I feel I have neglected my journaling here lately…but I know it is because I have been busy and I have a life beyond my writing and surfing the net, reading, and television. Have I been neglecting my journaling? According to the dates of April I haven’t written, yes, but no to the fact that I’ve been busy.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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