It Has Been A While – I know…

Please forgive me for not writing in my journal these past few weeks. Since Apr. 30th, I have been exploring, busy, and doing other things other than being on the internet all day after afternoon and evening. Anyway, this past week has been not the best weather for my computer to be on for great length of time. It has been relatively hectic around here lately other than exploring and seeing things with my new/restored sight. It has been amazingly incredible on top of things. This week I feel I have lost a part of my sanity – actually this month I feel I have lost a bit of my sanity with all that has been going on around here altogether. It has been unbelievable and crazy at times. On Tuesday, May 29 I will be on a new dosage of Prednisone for two weeks and if things go well with my blood work, I can go back to doing my blood work once a month. I am on a new/decreased dosage of Prednisone now. I have not had any problems according the the first week trial period. I am praying and hoping for the best.

About the sanity thing…lots of things have gone on around me outside my world of comfort. I have seen a dear friend (name unknown to readers) practically lost her sanity with a couple of girls who live in the building here and now things have calmed down considerably in the past two weeks but now there is fleas and lice in our community room and we need to stay out of the community room unitl further notice and the place gets bombed by professional bug people – the Orkin man I guess. My surrogate mom, a fine woman, had vented off her feelings the other day and now things seem to be a little more peaceful but not quite yet the same. I worry about my surrogate mom so much – more than i really should at times I think. ??? Oh well, that’s life. This month has been hectic, since my eye surgery, other than what I am happily experiencing with my new sight. It is amazing that there is some rotten apples in the bunch along with the happiness I have recently experienced. Life is not always a bowl full of cherries now – is it?? Nope. I am surprised, with the hectic things going on around me I haven’t lost my sanity completely. But luckily I hven’t…thank God for that!!!

Today is Saturday and I don’t usually write in my journal on Saturdays or work with money on Saturdays. Today is no different from any Saturday I have played for the past two years so I have no excuse for having this Saturday being a special Saturday or not. There is no excuse for much of anything anymore. It has been unsually quiet around here about me and it has been kind of hectic otherwise. What can I really say? The month of May is almost over – Thank goodness for that!! Gotta run for now. I bet this journal entry is the most boring one you have read today. Enjoy your day anyway. I know I am doing my best!!!!

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