Busy Never Ends

It never seems to end…that busyness you get yourself into once it begins. I was gone for fourteen days in June and in July I am going to be gone for a few days once again. Being gone never ends really…does it? Today, being a Sunday early afternoon/evening for me brings nothing but relaxation and lazines really. In two weeks I will be gone for a few days once again relating to my church. I guess I can not complain now can I? It is summer and school’s out for the kids (I don’t have any), and everyone is on vacation. My parents must be on vacation somewhere too because for the past few days I have been unable tp reach them at home. LOL – I think I am beginning to worry a bit because I am so used to catching my parents at home. I know my parents in NM are constantly busy during the summer. They just got back from Kentucky on a motorcycle bike ride to get a sidecar for Mom’s Goldwing Honda. I was gone also…for ten days to a Camp Meeting through my church out of town. Like I said, it does not seem to end that busyness you get yourself into once in begins. Maybe the end of July things will be calming down…who knows. I do know I have a wedding to attend in August…so I will be gone for that unless I deecide not to go. Today is one of those days…I don’t want to go to the wedding really. The transportation is a problem when getting to place to place since I don’t drive myself. I don’t drive for reasons that I could not see well until May 1st, and because of my cerebral palsy being a little problematic while behind the wheel. I don’t know if I will step on the gas too hard/fast and run into the car(s) ahead of me while driving while trying to make a stop on the street for a light or something. My reflexes are good but not for driving I’m afraid. i personally hate to ask someone to come and get me and bring me back home after something because it is a hassle…and the gas prices have been nothing but high lately – although they have come down a bit again but not much. Busyness never ends, does it?

I am sitting here at home doing nothing today much…being lazy on a Sunday evening/early afternoon. Bored to death really. I am in the time of the month women get and it is a pain in the behind to have. I am not feeling the greatest today and a little low on myself. Not down on myself though. I just hate having the “woman of the month” problems each month but I am so glad I get them on a regular basis when thirteen years ago the “woman of the month” problems came irregularly. Am i being down on myself here? I hope not!!

It is time for me to go.

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