Who Hates Monday?

I hate Mondays! Garfield, the cartooned cat hates Mondays! Who else hates Mondays? LOL Naw, I really don’t hate Mondays – just this particular Monday, though. Why? Trying to get ready to do things this week and it is just a hot Monday in Wisconsin. I should have a Garfield poster saying “I hate Mondays” because most Mondays of the year I hate them. They begin the work week for many people and for me, I am still looking for work. This particular Monday I hate. Even though I hate Mondays, I am feeling great emotionally. I feel I am in control of my emotional welfare now and ready for tomorrow to roll into place.

Talk to you next week.

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1 thought on “Who Hates Monday?”

  1. I do normally dislike mondays… during the school year… but since i am a lazy bum this summer i’m not working, and mondays seem like any other day. But everyone should have a Garfield poster that says "i hate mondays" because Garfield is the man!

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