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While getting ready to close up shop tonight – shutting down my computer for the night – and it being still July 31st according to Wisconsin time, I have taken the liberty to read two journals here at Dear Diary. Both journal entries were good and understandable. I can definitely relate to one of them – feeling like something one day and the next you don’t. I hate those feelings but they happen anyway. After reading those two journals tonight, I just wondered if my writing/journaling can be better. It can some days and others I am just fine. It is the getting very personal part that kind of makes me cringe sometimes because of the Internet not beng as private as it was at one time. Was the internet ever so public as it is today a few years ago? It can be of anyone’s opinion and everyone’s opinion is different. What do I think? It depends on the information given. People have warned me and others about giving such information to the world for others to see. Are you being careful? I try to be and yet sometmes I have things leak out now and then – oops and LOL.

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