Have a good weekend

I hope everyone has a good weekend. See ya on Sunday. It is originally, according to man made time, it is still August 3, 2001. I don’t write much on the weekends until Sunday because of the fact that I am busy from Friday Sundown to Saturday Sundown and I usually don’t write anything too personal. It has been a fairly good weekend for me. I am glad it is now Friday and the weekend has arrived. I have a big day tomorrow and I have a big day come next weekend Saturday morning all day. I hope everyone has a good weekend. I will be writing again real soon – come Sunday sometime if I don’t get too busy doing other things or we don’t have a thunderstorm. I hate thunderstorms and I hate being on line or even on my computer period during a t-storm. We had one the other night and it was not a good one, but it did not do any damage…it just thundered and lightning a lot. My cat Emilee, no thanks to me, was hiding in the hallway closet to avoid the noise and the lightning. Poor kitty. Poor me! LOL Have a good weekend. See ya Sunday! Bye

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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