My Saturday

It seems totally impossible that Saturday is creeping away so quickly now. It is, according to WI, 8 p.m. in the evening here and only 4 hrs left on the clock before 12 midnight hits. My Saturday went very well…

Thinking that it was going to rain earlier in the day, it didn’t. As late as it is right now, I am just keeping myself busy before retiring for the night. I only got on the net twice today thinking that it was going to rain and storm as black as the clouds were all day long. I actually saw, while peeking out the window, saw some breaking clouds. But now it is pitch black out there now…can’t see nothing but darkness.

I had spent the morning in a nearby town where I live, then I spent the afternoon at home with my cat, with a little visit to a couple of friends on the way to my apartment. We have a few apartments in the building I live in. I wanted to take a little nap this afternoon but my cat, literally, hogged the bed and grumped about every little move I made trying to get comfortable. LOL – the bed in the bedroom is MY BED too or so I think so. Right now I have a very lazy cat who gets waited on paw and foot. lucky her. LOL

Saturday is drawing to a close for me quickly. Be back in the morning.

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