Cyberspace…I’ve Learned Something.

Many of you might be shocked to hear some things about the cyberspace. Well, one of them this:

Just thought you would liker to see my sisters response as to why she would not do the survey.

Well, cyberspace is a fearful, wonderful technological invention. However, there are people who know how to trace someone, how to intimidate them, your age, etc. just by asking a few harmless questions.

For instance:From this harmless little questionnaire they can ascertain: 1. You live alone. (obviously, you don’t, but it sounds that way.) 2. Whether you are religious or not.

A. book you are reading

B. who you would like to meet.

C. Favorite magazines

D. Most important thing in your life

3. You volunteered your age in your favorite number. They would usually glean that from favorite movies, what your first car was (if someone volunteers when it was, which they often do,) future child’s name. So they know you live in a 4 room apt. by yourself, and how old you are. 4. How many rings before you answer the phone. So, if it rings 5 or 6 times when you said 2 – guess what – they know you aren’t at home. 5. What kind of work you do or want to do.

6. You are not a trained professional – you do not type with the right keys.

7. You do not drink.

8. You hate being estranged from your family. (Family is very important to you, also your answer to # 14, so to get to you, they only need to get to your family.)

These are just a few examples. As I said, there is another that follows this with even more “fun” information to fill in. Be careful. It’s a sick world out there. Who knows who started this thing. A young lady (14) corresponding with a boy she thought was 15, found a 40 year old man on her doorstep, because he had traced her through innocent things she had said. In this case, luckily the man was a police officer who was trying to make a point to parents to not let their children just correspond with anyone because there are ways to trace the emails. Enough for you to think about.


We have to be very careful. That is why I am very careful about what say or do on the internet today. The internet may be a good way to keep in contact with your family and friends, but there is a dark side to the internet too. Oh please., don’t let me offend you and your doings on the net, but as a good person with a good heart, I just want people (everyone) to be careful while surfing. We just don’t know what is lurking about in the cyberworld today and some of us never will. The internet is not as safe as we think, huh? Just be careful and be wise.

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